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Travel for Business Like a Pro

Travel for Business Like a Pro | The Early Air Way's Blog

Business travel can be a drag, especially if you are on the road for weeks on end, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are some methods frequent business travelers have found to reduce the stress and strain of spending time on work trips.

Take Steps to Reduce Jet Lag

Everyone deals with the adaptation to a new time zone differently, and some people are more affected by the switch than others. Figure out what works for you and be sure to follow those steps each time. Some people find that staying hydrated, taking red eye flights, or exercising the day they fly is beneficial.

Prepare Your Adapters

Check the electrical outlet options available at your destination and make sure you are bringing the right convertors in your luggage. You want to avoid the panic that could set in if you realize that you brought the wrong one at the moment your computer or phone runs out of power.

Bring a Protein-Laden Snack

Airports are sites of constantly changing circumstances and you never know what will happen or what kind of delay you could face. If weather conditions or other situations strand you, you do not want to be caught without food.

Try to Negotiate at the Rental Car Agency and Hotel

Even if your rental car agency will not upgrade your car for free, they might be willing to do it for a much lower price than what is quoted on the website, depending on what is available. Likewise, if your hotel room is located near the elevator and you would prefer another location, ask the desk agent if there is anything they can do. As with any situation, asking nicely is key.

Pack a Tennis Ball

To relieve the stress and tension that inevitably comes from travel, bring a tennis ball. This small, inexpensive and lightweight tool can be rolled under your feet, hamstrings, shoulders and other areas in order to reduce tight spots and make travel much easier.