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Three Reasons Private Jets Are the Safest Option

Three Reasons Private Jets Are the Safest Option | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

Many people suffer from anxiety when they are preparing to fly. It is reasonable to wonder about the safety of the aircraft you are about to board. Since private jets are often patronized by clients like CEOs and celebrities, the rare accidents that occur tend to be notable news items. This may give the false impression that private jets are less safe than commercial flights, when in fact, the opposite is true.

1. Private Jets Offer Uncompromised Security

Equipment malfunction and pilot error are some common fears passengers have, but security is perhaps the most important aspect of flight safety. Traveling on a commercial flight means you will be joined by dozens of other passengers, and your safety is as much in their hands as it is the pilot’s. The security of a private jet is unrivaled because it is completely uncompromised. You are far safer on a private aircraft since you and your party are the only passengers.

2. Private Charter Jets Rely on Reputation

Commercial airlines benefit from a team of legal and public relations professionals who work full-time to protect their corporation’s reputation for safety. Private jet companies are generally much smaller and lack the staff needed to promote a certain image. The reputation of a private jet company, then, relies entirely on its track record. Charter providers must keep passengers safe at all times because their reputation and existence truly depends on it.

3. Jet Charters and Commercial Flights Have Comparable Safety

Jets are safer than commercial flights because of superior security and a greater emphasis on reputation, but what do statistics say about the safety of private jets? Information varies from year to year, but recent calculations indicate that for every 1 million hours in the air, commercial jets reported 4.7 accidents, including ones involving helicopters. Commercial airlines have very close figures with 1.5 accidents for 1 million hours. Discounting accidents in helicopters, private jets have a nearly identical safety record to their commercial counterparts.

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