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Take Control of Your Travel With Jet Hedging

Take Control of Your Travel With Jet Hedging | The Early Airway Jet Charter

If you fly via jet charter on a regular basis, you know that there are many offers available that claim to help you save money. Jet cards and fractional share programs promise flyers unbeatable value on every flight.

While you may save money on certain routes, hedging gives you the freedom to choose the option that best fits your needs every time.

Free Yourself From Commitment

Pre-paid jet cards and share programs rely on your willingness to commit.

They may offer savings on some of the flights you take most regularly, but they will profit when you venture outside of a narrow itinerary. Since you have already invested in their services, you will be compelled to continue even if their flight is pricier than the competitor’s.

The consistency of traveling with one airline may be appealing to many, but it is certainly costly when it requires prepayment or fraction purchasing.

Do Not Be a Victim of Expenses

Prepaid jet cards and fraction sharing options attract clients with fixed pricing and consistency.

The pricing offered often includes savings for a select few flights, but there are still variables that may mean you are overpaying:

  • Fuel costs vary constantly, but most programs will calculate prepaid rates based on an inflated estimate. This means that when fuel prices go down, you are still locked into paying more.
  • Aircraft availability is inconsistent. As a fractional shareholder, however, you have probably been promised flights on a specific jet. If that aircraft is not already at your departing airport, transporting it there incurs an additional potential cost that is often built into the fixed price of the flight.

Travel Savvy by Jet Hedging

Even if you have already bought a jet card or a fractional share, you can continue to use it on trips that provide savings.

For the rest of your travel, however, you can save thousands through the flexibility of jet hedging. With no commitment and fewer built-in costs, you can travel smarter by requesting rates for your favorite routes.