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The Safest Travel Destinations as Pandemic Slows

The Safest Travel Destinations as Pandemic Slows - The Early Air Way

Gratefully, the pandemic is slowing as vacation time is here. But this doesn’t change the fact that we still need to be safe when traveling. Below are the safest travel destinations right now. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that cabin fever is not real. Because, at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many…

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7 Travel Etiquette Tips to Make Your Trip Easier

Travel Etiquette for Visiting New Places - The Early Air Way

Traveling to places with different cultures is an amazing experience, but it’s important to know basic travel etiquette to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Traveling is always fun – especially when you get to explore new places. But, it is very important to remember that the way things are done in the United States is…

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Top 10 Unique Things to do in NYC

New York City. Those three words conjure up a multitude of images from the balloons of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the Twin Towers falling. Good or bad, New York City is a must see and should exist on every traveler’s bucket list. Not only is it beautiful, but there an infinite amount of unique things…

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5 Summer Vacation Destinations To Beat The Heat

Summer is upon us and parts of the country are already baking under the summer sun. As temperatures and humidity rise, so do tempers, and if you fear the idea of roasting through a vacation while merely wishing for winter, have no fear. There are a wide variety summer vacation destinations, near and far, to soothe the…

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Top 7 Travel Destination Options of 2017

2017 will certainly go down as being a year focused on off the beaten path destinations, new experiences, and great food. In addition, with a shrinking connectivity index and more transportation options than ever, the world is an ever smaller place. Traveling far and wide to fully encompass the scope of this diverse planet is…

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Extraordinary Places You Have to Travel to!

There are so many amazing places around the world to travel to, it makes it so difficult to prioritize which destinations to visit first. An article on lists 23 extraordinary destinations to visit. The first place that the article lists is Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Blagaj is a gorgeous place with teal water streaming along giant…

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Hawaii Travel on a Budget

Your guide to experiencing all that paradise has to offer without breaking the bank. Hawaii is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world, but it can be expensive to visit. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to experience all that Hawaii has to offer on a budget. Here are some of the…

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Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone

From recent surveys done by the Virtuoso luxury travel network, breaking the comfort zone is a top trend for travelers in 2016. Adventure seems to be a top priority as an experience in the travel industry. Galapagos Small-Group Tour Take a small sailing ship and about 11 other friends to tour the Galapagos islands. Search…

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Off-beat Luxury Hotels

Luxury has changed in the game of hotels. Modern luxury hotels now sell themselves based on the unique and exclusive experiences they provide. Ponta Dos Ganchos, Brazil Ponta Dos Ganchos sits on a private peninsula on the emerald coast of Brazil. It is close enough to large hubs of activity for entertainment, yet remote enough…

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