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The Most Underrated Travel Destinations this Summer

Plan to travel this summer! In fact, there are underrated travel destinations that are also secluded in order to stay safe during this pandemic. Read about these locations below.

The Most Underrated Travel Destinations this Summer - The Early Air Way

For most of us, COVID-19 has brought life to a screeching halt. Our routines have been disrupted, our social interaction with others is significantly dissipated, and traveling? Well, that just hasn’t happened as much as we’d all like. Especially those of us with adventurous spirits.

What if we told you there was a way to experience all that this beautiful earth has to offer while maintaining your safety? Yes, you read that right. You can travel, explore, and dive into various cultures and environments around the globe and feel confident that you are maintaining safety for your health.

All you need to do is visit some underrated, primarily secluded destinations. And, to get there, fly via a private jet. This option will ensure that you get to your destination in a timely manner without having to worry about exposing yourself to the germs found in busy airports and on commercial jets.

Besides, heading out for a summer vacation after months in quarantine, you deserve to treat yourself to a bit of luxury. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, that you have a solution – you are probably wondering where you can find the perfect destination, right? Well, good news – we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of some of the most underrated travel destinations this summer.

St Kitts and Nevis

You’ve been through a lot this year. In fact, it is safe to say that 2020 has caused a lot of headaches – and you should allow yourself a chance to indulge a little. St Kitts and Nevis is the perfect place to do that. With the luxury and natural beauty that is found all over the island, you will truly be in paradise.

Here, you will find beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and delicious restaurants. You can spend time learning about the history and culture, indulging in culinary delight, discover black coral reefs, walk along the white sandy beaches, or have an adventure on a local hiking trail.

St Kitts and Nevis is a great, socially-distanced destination for a pandemic world.

St Maarten

Another Caribbean island, St Maarten, can bring you the tranquility you are seeking. There is so much to do here that you will never find a dull moment. Well, that is, unless you are looking for one – and want to spend the day on the beach.

St Maarten is home to many activities that can bring you joy, allowing you to feel worlds away from the COVID-19 world we live in here in the United States. On this island, you can go boating and sailing, rent a scooter and explore the landmass, try your luck at the casino, spend an afternoon at the spa, play a round of golf, and even swim with the dolphins!

Of course, while day time brings lots of adventures, nightlife here in St Maarten is nothing to sneeze at. There is always something to do – and lots of fun to be had. Live music, dancing, casinos, dinner, drinks, and more. Think of St Maarten as your great escape!

The Most Underrated Travel Destinations this Summer - The Early Air Way

Saint Tropez

Looking to head somewhere different that is not found in the Caribbean? How about Saint Tropez? Part of the French Riviera, you will find vineyards to delight in and chefs that present you with cuisine that is out of this world. This coastal fishing village has evolved into a hot spot for those seeking an unforgettable getaway.

Saint Tropez has a great mix of nightlife, as well as dining and shopping experiences. But, that’s not all. You will find museums, historical monuments, and a rich heritage to explore. You may also be interested in relaxing by the sea, paddle boarding, parasailing, boating, or spend the day bathing in a sweet massage.

While it may not be as secluded as those destinations you will find in the Caribbean, it is worth a look if you are anxious to break free for an adventure!


Guadeloupe is a French island in the Caribbean with over a dozen islands in its archipelago. And the two major islands couldn’t be more different.

One, Grande-Terre, the eastern island, has sleepy beach towns and lots of beach access to unwind and allow your senses to take over. The western island, Basse-Terre, is more mountainous with lots of green jungle areas, waterfalls, and even a volcano to explore.

As you can tell, these islands are not your typical Caribbean islands. There are breathtaking views and scenery unlike any other. Plus, there is such a variety of activities to do. For instance –

  • Sightseeing tours that include nature hikes, rum, and sugar cane excursions, volcano hikes, and even deep cultural roots and history lessons.
  • Go scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Take a cruise around the islands.
  • Canoeing and surfing.
  • Golfing and ziplining.

In other words, there should be no reason for you to be bored while in Guadeloupe. When your exciting day is complete, relax with some delicious food prepared using recipes deeply rooted in the island’s history as you get to know some of the locals.


Think it’s just another Caribbean island? Think again.

Martinique is a magnificent place to practice social distancing. It is full of beautiful mountainous surroundings and deep tradition. This island has worked hard to maintain its hiking trails and mangrove areas so that they can be enjoyed by all who come. There are canyons to explore and more than one sandy beach for you to relax on.

In Martinique, you will find just about any water sport, including fishing, surfing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. Mix this with some delicious cultural cuisine and you may never want to go back home!


If you thrive on adventure and live life with full spontaneity, then the lack of travel COVID-19 has caused likely has you down. It’s summertime! It’s time to break free from the monotony and gain unforgettable experiences, right? Don’t be held back any longer. Get out there and explore safely by choosing to fly via a private jet and visit destinations that are off the beaten path.

Pack your bags. It’s time to escape this pandemic and head to one of these underrated travel destinations.

The Most Underrated Travel Destinations this Summer - The Early Air Way