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Sustainable Tourism: Why and How It Will Grow Due to the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to teach us about the appreciation for people and life. This means learning more about the growth of sustainable tourism. Read more below.

Sustainable Tourism: Its Growth Due to the Pandemic - Early Air Way

In some ways, it seems like 2020 could be an avid traveler’s nightmare. For anyone used to booking a trip and heading out, COVID-19 sure has put a damper on things. Many of us have never spent so much time at home.

The good news is that things are slowly starting to change. Travel bans are starting to be lifted and communities are opening up to welcome tourists. This change is two-fold – it helps to stimulate the economy again and it lifts the spirits of those looking for a change of scenery.

As we emerge from our homes and fly off to faraway destinations, we will begin to notice that COVID-19 has changed things – besides requiring masks or social distancing. Instead, we are referring to the effects of a life-changing pandemic on humanity. Believe it or not, since lockdown, our world has been infiltrated with love, care, and concern for others. And, as a result, sustainable tourism will now flourish.

What is Sustainable Tourism?

Many communities thrive off of tourism, but at what cost? With an increase in foot traffic, there is an increase in the consumption of resources, pollution, loss of sense of community and heritage, among other things. Sure, you can stimulate the economy with tourism, but the well-being of the area is at stake.

This is exactly where sustainable tourism comes in. This is the idea of reaping the benefits of tourism – while still respecting everything around you. For example, with sustainable tourism, you get:

  • Stimulation for the local. Allowing those in the community to fill jobs and meet demands rather than outsourcing the work.
  • A long-term focus, rather than a quit profit. Most communities fall apart when their economies take a hard hit. Bringing in a boost of tourism without any way to maintain it can cause devastation.
  • An invitation to introduce tourists to the local culture. Rather than traveling far and wide to see tourist attractions that can be easily forgotten, sustainable tourism brings the tourists into the local community. It helps immerse them in the local culture, dining, traditions, heritage, and more.
  • The conservation of local resources. Building and growth that takes place in the community are done so in a way that it does not deplete the area of resources and does not cost damage to the local environment.
  • A sense of giving back to the community by any means possible.

There is a way that we can all travel to amazing destinations without causing harm in any way. This is sustainable tourism.

Destinations Off the Beaten Path

As the pandemic still exists, there is still a need to be careful. You can visit popular destinations or those that are off the beaten path. Sometimes, choosing those that are different and not the most talked-about will help you create some of the most unforgettable moments of your life. These are places that may not see the tourism that other big cities see. As a result, your dollar has a mighty impact on the local economy – and can leave a lasting impact.

The best part is that private jets can access even the most remote destinations – even where commercial airliners cannot. You can travel safely and explore places you may have never knew existed. Doesn’t that sound amazing after being on lockdown for so long? We thought so, too. This is the change we will see when traveling due to the pandemic.

Private Jet Travel = Socially Distanced Travel

Let’s face it – just because you can travel does not mean you are ready to hop on a commercial jet and sit elbow to elbow with a bunch of potentially infected strangers, right? Right. Thankfully, private travel is an available option for you.

Private travel allows you to visit any amazing destination around the world while remaining socially distant and safe. Not to mention the amenities and luxurious comfort that comes with flying private, too.

As for its contribution to sustainable tourism? Well, every time you choose to fly on a private jet, you are stimulating the local economy. And, let’s be honest – the carbon footprint caused by traveling private vs. traveling commercial cannot even compare!

Sustainable Tourism: Its Growth Due to the Pandemic - Early Air Way

Traveling is a Privilege, Not a Right

For most of us, it is hard to think of a time in which travel bans were the way of life. If we want to hop on a plane and fly to some faraway place – there has never been anything to stop us (well, besides responsibility), right? That is until COVID-19 entered our lives.

That right we had to go anywhere in the world we wanted to travel was suddenly stripped away and we were grounded. All this time spent at home – on our street, in our community, in our state – has taught us that traveling is a privilege, not a right. With a few words, our government can shut down travel entirely.

What does this mean for sustainable tourism? Well, once we can finally start moving about like we used to, we will have a new appreciation for traveling – and everything that goes with it.

Time Heals

Local governments have had the opportunity to address things that have otherwise been placed on the back burner. Issues and concerns in the tourism industry are hard to handle when your community is flowing with strangers. But, while time has slowed down and tourism rates are currently low, it is the perfect time for making changes that can benefit the local area. Many government officials are taking this into considerations and making positive changes.

Remember, things are going to be different for a while so what better time to re-evaluate and make adjustments?


Sustainable tourism can benefit many destinations by investing in the local economy, safely handling resources, and allowing tourism to truly get to know the culture. After the isolation we faced for so long due to the pandemic, the emergence of positive travel experiences will be more appreciated and embraced than ever before. It’s the beautiful sun that appears after the dark clouds begin to disappear.

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