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How Escapism is Still Possible in a New Traveling World

It’s no secret that everything has changed around us. But escapism is still possible during these trying times. Learn more below.

How Escapism is Still Possible in a New Traveling World - Early Air Way

In a world full of COVID-19, ideas of escapism are all around us. Face it, reality can be a lot to handle for anyone – on any given day. Throw in a worldwide pandemic, a presidential election like we’ve never seen before, the political unjust erupting with the Black Lives Matter movement, and so on, it can be too much for many of us to handle.

It is only natural that we begin dreaming of faraway places or life like we once had. You know, a life where we could simply hop on a plane and find ourselves in the mountains, on a white sandy beach, exploring the rainforests, eating delicious cuisine, or even just visiting loved ones.

Life has changed entirely. Does that mean your old way of life – and traveling – is no longer possible? Oh, it’s possible.

Here’s how.

What is Escapism?

First of all, let’s take a moment to uncover what escapism truly is. While it may sound a bit logical that this is a way in which you can escape reality, it is important that we acknowledge the term sometimes comes with a bad reputation.

When life gets tough and overwhelming, it is common for us to want to run away from it. For some, this comes in the form of a short break, like walking away from your homework to eat a snack and regain your focus. For others, it is truly running away from life – as if you keep on running you will eventually escape your problems. This has led many people toward negative escapes, like substance abuse.

What we are talking about here today is positive escapism. This is breaking away from reality to find a sense of well-being and rejuvenation. Traveling is good for the soul. And when life gets crazy, the escapism that involves a delightful destination can offer relief.

COVID-19 and the Desire to Escape

In our lifetime, we have not found ourselves in a situation in which we have been on lockdown – er, quarantine. Especially for such a long period of time. Sure, maybe you had the flu or you were low on funds and you found yourself staying home away from others more than usual. But, with the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, life as we know it looks completely different now. It has changed in so many ways.

Restaurants and retail chains have been closed, as well as movie theaters, bowling alleys, gyms, and so forth. In other words, everything that we enjoy doing that we would do to escape the monotony and drama of real life has been stripped away from us. We have been told to stay home. And, well, for some of us, home is exactly what we try to escape.

The result is that COVID-19 has only increased our desire to escape. In fact, with the initial ban on travel that occurred, book sales soared. Why? Our society was stripped of everything we are used to. Everything that we used as a break from reality was gone. So, more and more people were diving into books as a method of escaping.

While the world around us is slowly trying to reopen and find a new normal, there is no guarantee that it will last – and it still looks different from what it used to be. Now, more than ever, we cherish the ability to escape.

How Escapism is Still Possible in a New Traveling World - Early Air Way

The Benefits of Escapism

We know that we want to escape. And, we know that it can make our world seem a bit more do-able when we do. But, what benefits can escapism actually bring to your life?

  • The ability to reorganize your mind. It is so easy to get stuck in the monotony of daily life. Our mind gets cluttered and unorganized as we think of all we have to do and all we want to do. Escaping gives your mind a chance to stop thinking about all the needs and start reorganizing and putting things into perspective.
  • Put yourself first. This pandemic has disrupted our lives in so many ways. Taking a moment to escape everything and turn the focus inward can be a great way to uncover your needs – and take care of them.
  • Bring peace back into your life. It’s hard facing all these new realities as we, as a society, navigate through this unchartered territory. It is actually more disruptive to your life than you know. By escaping – even for a couple of days – you allow peace and calm back in your life.

Travel in a Pandemic World

Travel in a pandemic world looks a bit different than what it did even just 9 months ago. There are precautions that need to be in place, such as wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, washing your hands, keeping your distance, and more. But, on top of this, you have to worry about whether or not you are coming into contact with someone who is carrying the coronavirus.

It’s true – travel looks different now.

Escapism is Still Possible

While it may look different, escapism is still very possible when it comes to travel. You just may want to consider doing things a little differently. For instance, why not escape reality for a bit on a private jet? That way you can reduce your fears and your concerns while also ensuring yourself more safety. After all, private jets offer you much less contact with others – and you gain more comfortable accommodations.


Escapism can be used in many ways, both good and bad. But, in the new travel world, escapism can bring a much-needed getaway – in a positive and healthy manner. With a private jet, you can uncover new destinations, visit favorites, or even fly home to see your family.

Remember, we are social creatures. So, when this social ability has been stripped from us, we need to find ways to ensure our overall wellness. Traveling safely during this pandemic is one of the ways in which you feel good about escaping.