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Popular Places to Visit This Summer and Why You Should Consider a Private Jet

Popular Places to Visit This Summer and Why You Should Consider a Private Jet | The Early Air Way's BlogAlthough commercial flights are generally inexpensive compared to chartering a private jet, the benefits of private flight far outweigh the cost. Hiring a private jet is especially useful for business executives and people looking for a reliable and comfortable service to get them where they need to go this summer. When you’re looking to do some traveling, whether for personal or business reasons, here are the best places to go and why you should consider hiring a private jet.

Top Five Places to Vacation

Along with multicolored beaches, hiking and diving, Maui, Hawaii offers has a large selection of five star resorts and plenty of sun for the perfect summer vacation.

You can never go wrong with Fiji, but the summer months are considered the best due to the constant sunshine. If you can manage to book a spot during early June, you might secure an over-water bungalow.

Nothing spells nature like Yellowstone National park. During the summer months, you don’t have to worry about closures. This location is an affordable vacation spot for the whole family.

Paris, the City of Love and home of the Eiffel Tower. For years, Paris, France has been a tourist hotspot for anyone seeking a little European adventure due to the history, culture, and ideal summer weather.

If you’re a patron of the arts or a bit of a historian, then Munich, Germany is the place for you. You can spend your summer vacation lounging in beer gardens, exploring ancient castles, or wandering aimlessly through art galleries.

Commercial Airlines

  • The loss of time with unexpected delays and layovers can cost you your reservations.
  • Crowded space and little to no privacy.
  • Your schedule is tailored to the flight time, not the other way around.
  • Lost or damaged luggage is a common occurrence in commercial flights.

Private Jets

  • Since you will be able to find a plane according to your schedule, you can spend less time planning and travelling to get the best out of your summer vacation
  • Unlike commercial flights, there are no liquid bans on a private jet
  • You can bring personal belongings, business samples or even a pet along with you.
  • Excellent customer service and amenities.

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