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Jet Hedging: A Great Alternative to Fractional Ownership Programs

Jet Hedging: A Great Alternative to Fractional Ownership Programs | The Early AIr Way

Do you currently own a fractional share of an aircraft? If so, then a jet hedging program may be a great program for you. Read more to discover more about this program and how it can save you money.
What is Jet Hedging?
Jet hedging programs enhance private jet travel for fractional owners. Jet Hedging was developed by the founder of The Early Air Way. Alex Early developed the program when he discovered that many frequent private jet customers who are fractional owners did not know that they could benefit from on-demand private jet charter services.


There is not a fractional ownership program available that universally provides the best value for every flight that is taken. Customers of these programs lose money by using pre-paid hours for many of the trips that they fly. With jet hedging, the company passes along wholesale market inventory directly to consumers, instead of using a fixed-price system.
To determine if jet hedging can work for them, fractional owners submit their upcoming flight schedules to a private charter company for a free analysis. The customer is given a cost comparison for each flight on the cardholder or fractional share owner’s schedule. The price of making the trip on a plane from its wholesale-based variable program versus the cost to use its fixed price program is compared to determine which offers the better price.
In most cases or about 90 percent of the time, passengers are provided with a better price by using a private charter. Customers often save 50 percent or more on the same type of aircraft on many trips. They may even get more savings than that if they use an empty-leg flight.
Who Can Benefit from A Jet Hedging Program?
Jet hedging programs can benefit not only fractional owners but they can benefit subscribers of jet cards. Jet card owners can also submit their flight schedule for a comparison, and many times, jet hedging can save money on flights. Jet card customers are often amazed at how much they can save with Jet Hedging.


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