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Jet Hedging: The Best of Both Worlds

Pre-paid jet cards and fractional aircraft shares are often used by people who plan to be frequently traveling by charter jets. These programs are typically sold as money savers; however, on a practical level, the typical customer ends up losing money, not saving it. In response, some jet charter companies offer jet hedging programs that will allow you to save by offering on-demand flights that are often far less costly than card program flights.

Card Programs Offer Fixed Pricing

One thing that customers like about pre-paid card programs is that flight pricing is fixed, so that they know far in advance what they will be paying. On the other hand, this benefit may not be enough to offset the fact that on-demand charter jet companies may offer better pricing than the card program, even though the on-demand program will fluctuate.

Ways to Address Safety Concerns

Another issue that is raised by proponents of pre-paid card programs is safety. Purchasing a pre-paid card with one company does cut down on the inconsistency of safety standards that would arise from using multiple charter jet operators. However, there are on-demand jet operators that implement highly stringent screening and auditing programs to ensure maximum safety. If you select such a company, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all safety standards are met, while also benefiting from on-demand flights that are often lower in price than those on your card program.

Hedging Provides an Easy Flying Alternative

The pressure of everyday life can get pretty overwhelming. Trying to balance work, family, and social engagements causes a lot of stress. People who do not know how to relax and have a good time are at great risk of burning out early on. Taking a trip can be the perfect way to gain some perspective, and relieve some of that pressure so that everyday life can be enjoyable once again. Many people do not find traveling very relaxing, because it usually involves hours of sitting in an airport and an uncomfortable plane ride. Those who do not like dealing with airport security and screaming children on a long flight can utilize their hedging program to avoid travel-related stress.

Spending a few days in a new city is the perfect way to blow off some steam, so that one can return to work and be able to fulfill all of their responsibilities with a clear head. Start the process with a private jet charter hedging program, and have a vacation that will never be forgotten.


At the Early Air Way, we go the extra mile to make sure that each and every one of our clients receives the best possible treatment. Those who travel this way are able to experience optimal comfort and quality, and know that their safety is a top priority. Flexibility is another advantage of chartering a private jet. People who charter private jets do not have to arrange their vacations around schedules that are made by airports. They do not have to deal with layovers, and the possibility of losing their luggage. They will be able to fly directly to Las Vegas, and have the vacation of a lifetime.


In the not too distant past, a ride in a limousine was considered a special treat. If you were attending a prom, a wedding or any number of other special occasions, the sight of a big, elegant car pulling up in front of your home was sure to make the day seem special. Progress has made what was once a luxury into a common occurrence, and people regularly engage car services with professional drivers for even mundane events whenever they wish to ride in comfort without distractions. As people search to bring additional convenience into more aspects of their daily life, a jet charter ride has become today’s version of a simple limousine ride.

Business Perks

While a jet charter ride is lots of fun if you are celebrating a special event, businesspeople value the service even more for flexible scheduling, streamlined boarding, and the relaxing, low-key service it provides. Private air travel avoids all the worst aspects of getting to and from your destination, and expands your working day by subtracting the annoyances that fill up a trip on a commercial airliner. If you are an experienced business traveler, you know how important it is to arrive on time, rested, and ready to conduct your affairs efficiently. Commercial air travel is much more likely to deliver you to your destination tired, late, and off your game, so traveling by charter jet is quickly becoming a necessity for savvy business travelers.

If you remember the first time you saw a uniformed driver standing in an airport terminal while holding a sign with the name of their passenger on it, then you understand the feeling of seriousness and importance it brought to a simple ride to and from the airport. Flying for business or pleasure using a jet charter takes that feeling up a notch by having the equivalent of a pilot with a sign bearing your name at the airport, ready to take you wherever you need to go in comfort and style.

Jet Hedging Solutions

So, what if you already bought a pre-paid card but now you wish to look at other options? One great alternative is looking for a charter jet company with a jet hedging program. Such a program will typically give you a formal proposal for an on-demand flight, based on a careful analysis of your projected travel plans. You will be able to compare in detail the costs and benefits of the on-demand flight versus the flight you would be taking using your card. This will allow you to make an informed decision and choose the option that is best for you.

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