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Inside Luxury Private Planes and the Benefits to Know

Inside Luxury Private Planes, Benefits to Know - Early Air Way

All air travel is not created equal. From busy commercial flights and first-class tickets to private travel on a private jet charter — there are some major differences. One look inside a luxury private plane and you will understand this to be true. 

From comfort to in-flight amenities and so much in between, there are benefits to knowing about flying private planes and the luxury they provide. Let’s take a closer look. 

What is it Like Inside Luxury Private Planes?

Stepping inside a luxury private plane is quite different than stepping onto a commercial airliner. You will see seating, of course, with room for a varying number of passengers based on the specific jet, but you will also notice something else — space.  

In other words,  you won’t find seat after seat crammed together to maximize the number of passengers that can travel at once. The main goal of a private jet charter is not efficiency but rather luxury. 

Passengers are supposed to feel a sense of pampered peace while onboard. And that is exactly what you will find inside luxury private planes. But what that looks like will depend on the specific jet. 

Different Levels of Luxury

There are so many different types and sizes of private jets available for charter. From very light jets like the Eclipse 500 which has room for about 4 passengers and a range of 1295 nautical miles to jumbo jets like the Airbus A320 which has space for 60 passengers and a range of 2700 nautical miles, there can be a huge difference in amenities. 

While each of these jets will come with the benefits of flying private as well as the comforts of the private cabin, what you will find inside will vary. Your jet may come with seating only or have seats that transform into sleeping spaces. Some may have monitors throughout the jet, others may have one large TV – or none at all. You may find a full galley on board with a working oven or you may just find some snacks and a mini fridge with cold beverages. It all depends on the jet itself. 

For most private charter travelers, light jets like the Citation or the Hawker 400XP or midsize jets such as the Astra SPX or Gulfstream G100 are the perfect solution to reach their destination. These jets have all sorts of amenities onboard, including lavatories, refreshment centers, and inflight connectivity. 

With extra-soft seating that embraces you and keeps you relaxed throughout the flight to the tables that allow you to get work done, enjoy a nice meal, or even play a game with fellow passengers, your flight experience on luxury private planes will always be exceptional —- regardless of the aircraft size. 

Inside Luxury Private Planes, Benefits to Know - Early Air Way

Private Jet Amenities 

Overall there are many amenities found on private planes. We have mentioned a few already, but they are worthy of mentioning again, along with some others. 

Access to WiFi. Going up in the air used to mean being out of reach entirely. For some, this was a welcome chance to unplug. For most, however, it meant being out of reach from the office, family members, and other things of importance. As a society that is so used to being connected, not having WiFi can be tough. 

On a private jet, you will remain connected throughout your flight. 

Technology. In addition to just having WiFi, technology is rampant on private planes. Everything from personal monitors to large televisions, entertainment consoles, DVD players, surround sound, ambient lighting, flight status monitoring, and more can be found on these jets. 

Beds and bedrooms. Many private jets have seats that totally recline into beds, giving you a comfortable place to get some shut-eye while traveling. This is great for those long-haul trips. While most of these are located within the main cabin, some do offer a separate bedroom for convenience. 

Galleys. Chartered private planes can come with a catered meal if you request it prior to your flight. It may also come with snacks, beverages, or a cooked meal depending on the situation. The best part is that you can select anything that you want to have on board so that you can truly enjoy the flight. 

Lavatories. Very few private jets will not have a lavatory at all. These are usually those jets that make quick trips within a short range so it is not really necessary. Others may have one or two full lavatories onboard. While most have a toilet and sink, don’t be surprised if you find a shower! This is a convenient addition. 

Personalized treatment. If there are any requests you have, you can make them known when you book. Not only will you be addressed by name throughout your interaction with your flight crew, but you can expect some personalized touches along the way, too. 

Keep in mind that the amenities provided will vary based on the specific jet that is chartered. If there is something special you want to make sure you have be sure to discuss this with your charter team before booking. 

Other Benefits of Flying Luxury Private Planes

Don’t forget that in addition to the luxurious amenities you find on private planes, the simple act of flying private comes with a lot of benefits, too, such as: 

  • Total privacy
  • Booking flexibility
  • Ability to visit remote destination
  • Pet accommodations
  • Ease of access 
  • Increased safety
  • Reduce stress
  • The opportunity to get closer to your destination

And so much more.

Book Luxury Private Planes at The Early Air Way

Don’t miss out on all that luxury private planes have to offer. When it is time for you to book your next flight, turn to the private charters at The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys. See the difference between the comfort and amenities, as well as the overall ease, of avoiding commercial travel — and embracing the world of private jet charters

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Inside Luxury Private Planes, Benefits to Know - Early Air Way