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Why Flying Private is the Best Option for Day Trips

Day trips should be quick yet fulfilling right? To make the most of the day, flying private is the way to go. Read below to learn why that is.

Why Flying Private is the Best Option for Day Trips - The Early Air Way

Travel doesn’t always come in long vacations or adventurous getaways to explore unknown destinations. Sometimes travel requires you to head out to a destination and return all in the same day. This could be due to business trips, to attend a specific event, or just a quick shopping getaway. There are all sorts of reasons someone may need to make a quick trip. The question is – how will you get there quickly and conveniently without all the added hassle?

The answer? By flying private.

There are many perks to flying private in general. But, when it comes to day trips, it easily proves to be the best option.

Here’s why.

Flying Private Cuts Down Waiting Time

Think about the last time you took a commercial flight.

  • How long before your flight departure time did you arrive at the airport?
  • How long did it take you to get through the security checkpoint?
  • How long did you have to wait for your plane to arrive?
  • Was it on time?
  • Did you have to catch a connecting flight? If so, how long was your layover?

Flying commercial comes with a lot of waiting time. Waiting in line, waiting at the gate, waiting to take off, waiting to exit the aircraft upon arrival, waiting for luggage, and so forth. If you look at the opportunity cost, you will see that all this waiting can really put a damper on the things you could be doing.

That brings us to flying private. There are no long lines to wait in and no need to arrive super early at the airport, either. The entire process to board and deplane goes much more smoothly when you aren’t flying with hundreds of other strangers.

When you have one day at a particular destination, you want to make the most of it, right? That means you want to have as much time as possible. To do this, you surely cannot waste time standing in line or waiting on strangers. You want the flight that will get you in the air as seamlessly as possible.

And, that requires choosing to fly private.

Flying Private Can Get Closer to Your Destination

Sure, there are airports all over the world. When you are flying to a particular destination, you often pick the nearest commercial airport, right? It’s the most well-known, but that doesn’t make it the closest to your destination – and it surely is not always the most convenient. In fact, depending on where you are traveling, you could have another hour or more until you reach your destination.

Flying private gives you more options for airports. See, there are many smaller, private or executive airports all over the world. Due to their size, these airports cannot handle larger commercial aircraft carriers. But, they can handle private jets.

What does this all mean for you?

Well, if you are traveling somewhere for the day, you’d likely wish to get as close as possible to your actual destination. After all, having to travel a great distance further not only extends the time you are stuck in transit, but it shortens your overall time available, too.

Flying private is one of the best options for day trips due to the ability to get in close proximity to your final destination.

Flying Private Can Save You Money

One of the biggest misconceptions that come with flying private is the cost. For years, flying via a private jet was viewed as a privilege with the opportunity not necessarily available to everyone. Today? This has changed – a lot.

Believe it or not, flying private can save you money compared to flying commercial. If you have ever tried to purchase a ticket for a commercial airline at the last minute, you know that the fee can be exorbitant. And, truth be told, deals are often found when you arrive and depart on different days.

Flying private is more affordable when it comes to both real costs and opportunity costs. You don’t have to worry about tricks and deals that require you to fly on certain days, at certain times to score an affordable ticket. Your private jet can get you to where you want to be and back again.

Flying Private is More Convenient

If you don’t intend to stay the night at your daily destination, then you need to make sure you can get a flight back home. While there are often many commercial flights to choose from, they may not always be the most convenient times.

For instance, if you are traveling to an afternoon event, the last flight out may be early evening. You will need to, of course, make sure you allow enough time to get checked in, get through security, and find your way to your gate in time to go through the boarding process. This really cuts into your time for your event, doesn’t it? But, what other choice do you have?

If you choose to fly private, you have a lot more flexibility in departure time. This will allow you to stay at your event as long as you want before you head back to the airport. Once you do, there is no need to go through the lengthy commercial process. Instead, a quick run through security and you will be on your way boarding your jet.

After all, it is waiting for you – as you are the sole passenger.

Why Flying Private is the Best Option for Day Trips - The Early Air Way


It doesn’t matter where your travels take you, getting there easily and quickly is always the most desirable choice, right? And, when it comes to day trips, you need to couple this with availability and time which is usually very restricted and limited.

That’s why, when it comes to making the best choice for your day trips, flying private takes all of these aspects into consideration. You have access to smaller airports, the ability to get closer to your destination, the option to choose the most convenient travel times, and can save you time and money.

So, how will you be spending your day away?

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