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Myths About Private Jet Rentals Debunked


Myths About Private Jets Debunked-The Early Air Way


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of private jet rentals?

If you are like many others, you likely think of fortune, fame, the elite class – and a diamond dollar sign.

In years gone by, that would be about right. Musicians, movie stars, the CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies – those were the individuals who flew in private jets.

Not anymore.

The truth about private jet rentals has been hidden for way too long.

And – before you can talk negatively about their cost, safety, security, hassle, and so forth – check out these myths.

We are putting these misconceptions away, once and for all.

Myth #1: You have to be wealthy to afford to fly in a private jet.

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest myths when it comes to private jets.

There has always been an elite status associated with those who travel in this manner.

Whether it refers to celebrities or top business executives, the idea that you have to be wealthy to afford them means that regular, everyday people wouldn’t even consider trying.

Today, you’d be surprised at just how affordable private jet rentals are – so you don’t have to be famous to fly one. With affordable charters, just about anyone can travel in style.

Myth #2: Small planes don’t travel as fast as commercial airliners.

Think that size doesn’t matter? The engines may be smaller in private jets, but it doesn’t take as much energy to power them as it does large, commercial airliners.

Many fly at speeds just as fast – or faster – than commercial airliners.

Have you ever been seated in a window seat on board a commercial flight and watched something small in the distance fly right by you? Perhaps you thought it was a bird.

Chances are, it was a private jet.

Myth #3: Private jet rentals are not very safe.

We hear it all the time: are private jets safe?

Private jet rentals have safety inspections, rules, and regulations that they must follow to fly, too.

By law, private jets (especially those who are flying chartered flights) must pass a rigorous inspection.

Once approved, they receive a certificate that will be displayed in the aircraft letting you know that it is safe to fly you to your destination.

Keep in mind, too, that private jets are not on tight schedules like commercial airliners.

Their maintenance can be performed at a slower, more thorough, rate – ensuring that the job is done right.

Myth #4: Booking a private jet charter is a complicated process.

If you are not familiar with chartering a private jet, the idea of the process could seem confusing and complicated. Thankfully, that is not the case.

It has been designed to be as simplistic as possible, with someone always ready to answer any question you have and walk you through the process, step by step.

Using a broker will ensure you are landing the perfect aircraft for your needs (depending on size and distance).

Don’t shy away from choosing a private jet based on the process.

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Myth #5: If you fly a lot, you should just own your own private jet.

Oh, no.

Flying a lot and owning your own jet do not go hand-in-hand.

Jets are expensive to own and maintain. They require maintenance and a crew, a pilot, a storage facility, and so much more.

Even if you travel quite often, the costs of chartering your flight are much less than having your own private jet.

This is especially true when considering monetary and opportunity costs.

Myth #6: You still have to go through TSA security checkpoints.

When traveling via a private jet rentals, you can, in some airports, drive your car straight to the jet on the tarmac.

Others may send you through a small office area.

However, no matter how you get to your aircraft, you do not have to go anywhere near a TSA checkpoint.

So, with private jet travel you can rest assured that you will not stand in a long security line.

Myth #7: You can’t travel to as many destinations as you can with commercial air travel.

Would you believe that you can actually travel to more destinations?

Not only can private jet rentals fly into any major airport, but they can also fly into the many smaller airports around the world.

These are usually business or executive airports and they are not designed to accommodate commercial aircraft.

Depending on where you are traveling, you may find that you can get even closer to your destination when choosing to charter a private jet.

In addition, you will encounter some other perks, such as not having to deal with the hassles that come with large airports.

This includes being more easily accessible and having less traffic – foot and auto.

Myth #8: You cannot rely on private jet rentals.

If you are heading to your flight and you encounter a traffic accident that has shut down your route, you may begin to panic.

After all, what will do if you miss your flight or you will be late?

If you are flying commercial and you contact the airline to let them know you are stuck in traffic and to hold the plane, you may hear chuckling on the other end.

However, if you are flying a private jet, you can just give them a call and ask the pilot to relax for a few extra minutes as you make your way there.

Easily done.

Private jet rentals don’t have thousands and thousands of passengers demanding their attention.

They have you. That means they can be flexible when you need them to be.

While they do have often have schedules to keep, they have more wiggle room than the big guy. So that means you can rely on them no matter what the circumstance.


Thinking private jet rentals are out of reach is a thing of the past.

These machines are affordable, safe, accessible, and can take you to more destinations than you could ever imagine.

Next time you are traveling, check out how easy chartering truly is.

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