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The Best Private Jet Airports to Visit in the World

Private Jet Airports That Early Airway Can Fly Into | The Early Airway

Airports that cater to private jets are much different that other airports. Because of this, these private jet airports are some of the best in the world.

Just like most things in life, all airports are not created equally. Some are large, some are small. Some offer great amenities, others offer a streamlined flying experience without the fluff. A couple seem to offer the best deals, while others seem to fly at a higher cost.

Your favorite airport will greatly depend on your preferences and what you view as most important in your travel experience.


How Are Private Jet Airports Different?

We all know that when flying commercial, you can come across some airports that you really dislike. Whether you dislike the size, the location, or the security, there are some airports you want to avoid.

But, what about private jet airports?

Private jets can fly to more locations than commercial airliners – thanks to their size – and they can offer you an entirely different experience.

So, whether you are a well-seasoned private jet traveler, or you are just discovering all that the world of private jets as to offer, knowing which airports can offer you the best experience can enhance your trip.

We’ve got some of the best of the best private jets airports you will want to visit.



1. Aspen Pitkin County Airport

Aspen, Colorado | The Early Airway

Looking to fly privately into Aspen, directly to the mountains?

Getting to this airport – at any time of year – can provide you with some spectacular views. Mountains, vistas, snowfalls. You name it, you may see it.

Aspen is one of the most popular destinations for winter travelers looking to enjoy some winter sports or a romantic getaway.



2. Napa County Airport

Napa Valley, California | The Early Airway

Napa is known for its wine. In fact, that is why it has been dubbed wine country. And, if visiting Napa is on your to-do list, then you’ll want to fly into the Napa County Airport.

Why? Well, let’s just say that it is the closest airport to your destination.

In addition, Napa has been ranked as having great customer service – and even better views.

You get to fly over the rolling hills covered in vineyards – what could be more beautiful?



3. Miami-Opa-Locka Executive Airport

Miami Beach,Florida | The Early Airway

Jumping on over to the opposite coast, you won’t want to miss flying into Miami.

When flying to Miami, the Opa-Locka airport is located in the heart of nearly everything.

You will fly in near the Miami Dolphin and Marlin stadium, not to mention you’re just a few moments from the beach, and just a few minutes from downtown.

The staff at this airport have been known to bring people back time and time again. And, it has the most beautiful views.

Miami has the blue water, the palm trees, and so much more – without having to set foot into the large and congested Miami International Airport.



4. John C. Tune Airport

Nashville, Tennessee | The Early Airway

If a trip to Nashville, Tennessee is in the cards for you, then you will want to skip the Nashville International Airport and, instead, fly your way to John C. Tune.

This airport is modern and updated with comfortable seating – in case you have to wait. Because of this, it’s one of the most popular private jet airports in the world.

It’s close to downtown and to music row, but it is very easily accessible.

While you sit back on your private jet and take in the mountains and scenery, you can rest assured that you will be faced with a very pleasant experience here.


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5. Airports of Hawaii

Trail to Diamond Head Crater, Oahu, Hawaii | The Early Airway

Flying to Hawaii gives you many options, including which airport to choose. Of course, this primarily depends on which island you are traveling to.

And, if you are going to want to head straight for your destination, you will need to travel into private jet airports (since most Hawaiian Islands are not necessarily able to accommodate larger, commercial aircraft).

For example, the Lanai Airport serving the island of Lanai. Or, the Maui Kahului Airport serving Maui, and the Kauai Lihue AirportKauai Lihue Airport serving Kauai.

Believe it or not, these private jet airports in Hawaii are older and a bit outdated. But, that doesn’t stop them from providing you a personal, welcoming experience upon arrival.

If you are looking to add a personal touch to add to your Hawaiian trip, then you will want to check out these airports as opposed to Honolulu International Airport.



6. Charles de Gaulle Airport

France | The Early Airway

If you know anything about travel to Paris, then you probably know that Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the busiest airports worldwide.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it wouldn’t be accommodating and welcoming to those flying private.

On the contrary, actually. The busiest airport in Paris knows a thing or two about streamlining its services to meet the needs of its clients. And that is especially true for those flying private jets.

Whether you want to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, or you are in town for business, choose to fly into the Charles de Gaulle (or CDG as it is known).

It is fast and efficient, with ease of access not found at most airports. And, because you are flying private, the staff here is great with confidentiality and keeping private flights, well, private.

Great customer service to get you in and out of the sky as quickly and smoothly as possible.



7. Teterboro Airport

Flying Into New Jersey | The Early Airway

Teterboro Airport is one of the busiest private jet airports in the U.S. Perhaps this could be due to the fact that it feeds New York City.

Located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, it is a great way to get up close and maneuver your way in and out of the city quickly. And, you better believe this airport has the process down pat.

Not to mention that the sheer size and number of runways – it is no wonder why it can accommodate so many planes and in and out each and every day.

Teterboro has an executive lounge-type waiting area, fairly quick security lines, and very friendly and accommodating staff.

You’ve got your options when flying into the New York and New Jersey area – especially including commercial airports. However, Teterboro is the best private jet airport is the best choice in the area.




When you fly a private jet, your destination options expand.

There are many airports that commercial airliners will never be able to land at. Take this into consideration before planning your next trip.

So, which one of these private jet airports will lead you to your next destination?

Discover someplace new – you’ll be glad you did.