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Enjoy the Cost Effective Convenience of Renting a Private Jet

Enjoy the Cost Effective Convenience of Renting a Private Jet | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

Renting a charter jet is something that is often not considered because of the perception that it is not economically feasible. However, a closer look at the big picture will often reveal that a chartered flight makes sense after all.

Multiply the ticket price of a commercial flight by the number of people in the group and a charter begins to look more attractive. If one can put a dollar value on some of the more intangible things like comfort and convenience, the decision becomes much easier to make.

Business Travel

Those who are travelling with a group for business purposes will appreciate the fact that a charter amounts to a more efficient use of time.

The opportunity to hold meetings or otherwise conduct business during the flight is much greater with a charter. Travel time, in effect, becomes productive time.

Reach Smaller Airports

The time allotted for ground transportation can be minimized with a charter because the plane can typically utilize a smaller airport that is likely to be closer to one’s home or business. The same holds true for the destination end of the flight.

With a charter, additional time is saved because the passengers can arrive at the airport closer to departure time. The process of getting checked in and going through the security screenings are much simpler.

Avoid Connection Flights

Because a charter will fly directly from the origin to the destination airport, there will be no time spent in hubs waiting for connecting flights.

On the other hand, the pressure of rushing from one gate to another to avoid missing the connecting flight is eliminated.

Lost luggage is nothing to be concerned about because, with a charter, the luggage is loaded when the passengers are and stays on the same plane for the duration of the journey.

Rather than the fixed departure time of a commercial flight, the schedule can be much more flexible with a charter jet.

Last minute schedule changes can be easily accommodated. Even the destination can be changed or an extra stop added with no problem. Individuals who have never considered a rental jet when making travel arrangements for a group may be pleasantly surprised.