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Beginners Guide to Private Jets

Beginners Guide to Private Jets | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

If you are new to the private jet industry or are unsure which jet you should use for your next business trip or vacation here is a guide to private jets. You need to know what kind of plane allows you to bring all of the people and items you want and be able to fly the distance.  Compact Light Jets hold about 4 people on a sort 1-3 hour flight. Small Cabin Jets are good for longer range flights with a few more people and extra luggage. Super light Jets can fly up to 1,800 miles with 8 passengers. Midsize and Super Midsize Jets can fly 7-8 hours, the equivalent of Los Angeles to New York. Large Cabin and Large Cabin Heavy Jets can fly 12-16 people and often have ‘Empty Leg Flights’.

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