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You Get Angry on Planes Here's Why

You Get Angry on Planes Here's Why | The Early Air Way

Air rage happens. But why does it happen, and how can it be stopped from spreading?

Studies have found that air rage is 4 times as likely to happen during flights with first-class cabins as those without first-class cabins. Just the existence of economically segregated seats is not the cause of this liklihood, but it brings about the cause.

Certain boarding patterns lead first-class passengers into their seats first. The next group to board is economy seating, and these passengers pass through first-class seating with those passengers relaxing and possibly enjoying a champagne.

By introducing the stark inequality between first-class and economy cabins to both groups of passengers a divide is made. This separation stirs air rage originating from both cabins. Economy guests see opulence right before being led to smaller seats and less comfort, and first-class guests may be lead to expect higher of the flight crew or experience with a sense of entitlement. Both groups of guests are more prone to air rage just by seeing each other.


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