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Why Private Jet Travel Is Perfect for Families

Why Private Jet Travel Is Perfect for Families | The Early Air Way

When people think of private jet travel, they often believe that only wealthy CEO’s or business travelers fly by private plane. Private jet travel is perfect for families for a number of reasons, and it is not as costly as you might imagine. Read on to discover the best reasons why private jet travel is perfect for that next family vacation.
Avoid Chaos at the Airport
Many families have to travel during school breaks and around holidays. These travel periods are some of the busiest of the year for commercial airports. Commercial flights are often overbooked during peak travel periods. You may end up bumped from the flight if it is over capacity. If not, you might end up on a flight that has every seat full. At the airport, security and check-in lines are long. Travelers and airline employees both get frustrated.
By chartering a private jet, you avoid all of these issues. Private jets typically depart from private terminals or small executive airports. You won’t have to endure long waits or crowds of frustrated travelers. Security and check-in are quick and easy. Your kids will likely be less cranky too. The more chaotic things are at the airport, the more frustrated most kids get.
Private Jets Are Much More Comfortable
With private jet travel, there are no irritating seating assignments. You do not have to worry about sitting in a small, cramped seat without an inch of room to spare. Vacation begins the moment that you step aboard the luxury jet. You do not have to worry about other passengers complaining about your kids. You will have all of the space that you need to stretch out and relax. In addition, many private jets offer catering services in case you or your little ones desire more than a bag of pretzels.
There Are No Restrictions on Luggage or Liquids
Do you like bringing more than a carry-on bag? You can bring as much luggage with you as you want when flying by private jet. Want to bring your full-size beauty product with you? That is fine too. Most of the time, you will work with a travel consultant, who will find options to accommodate all of your needs.
It Is Less Expensive Than You Think


This case study compared costs between flying commercially and privately. The study found that flying by private jet actually cost less than commercial flights for a family of four when flying from Los Angeles, CA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, taking into account luggage and other fees.


For your next family vacation, why not consider flying by private jet? This form of travel is a lot more comfortable and luxurious for a family. In addition, it may even cost less than a commercial flight by the time that you add luggage and other fees onto commercial fares.


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