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Why Can't I Sleep On the Plane?

Why Can't I Sleep On the Plane? | The Early Air Way's BlogEven the best of travelers can have trouble getting some shut-eye while en route to their destination. The intention is often good: to use the extra time to rest up and get some good sleep before arrival. But somehow, sleeping on the plane can be difficult. To help yourself get a good nap in on your next plane flight, read on for a few tips!

  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Put away the electronics
  • Stay away from alcohol
  • Avoid coffee
  • Pick a good seat
  • Prep at the airport- use the restroom, get a snack, whatever you may need
  • Come equipped with a pillow and other amenities
  • Schedule your flight accordingly
  • Consider upgrading
  • Avoid chit-chat with seat neighbors

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