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Which is Better First Class or Private Jet Charter?

Which is Better First Class or Private Jet Charter?Private jet charters have one main thing in common with flying first class, they are both viewed as a form of luxury. Private jet charters provide a completely different experience from flying first class.

Private jet charters save you so much time. Many private jet charters leave from smaller airports. This means you won’t have to worry about getting there early because you wont have to wait in the long lines and go through the security that larger airports require. You arrive by yourself, or with your group, fasten your seat belts and then take off to your desired destination.

Even though Private jet charters cost more than a first class ticket, if you are in a group it can actually be cheaper, according to Tim Parker’s article on He further explains that when you fly by private jet charter you are renting out the entire aircraft. Therefore if you invite a group of people you will all split that one price. On the other hand, if you fly first class, each additional person will have to pay for their own first class ticket.

Click here to read the full article by Tim Parker at, and to learn more about the different between flying first class or by private jet charter.