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What You Need to Know about the Gulfstream G550

What You Need to Know about the Gulfstream G550 | The Early Air Way

If you want to hire a private jet charter service, then ask about the Gulfstream G550 aircraft. This airplane is incredibly exclusive with only approximately 500 throughout the United States. Designed by the General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace Unit located in Savannah, Ga., the first one was available to the public in 2003. There are several specialized features that make this airplane popular, including:

• An infrared camera
• A cursor control system
• A reduction in aerodynamic drag
• A long flight range
• An easy to use cockpit
• Seven passenger windows on each side

Characteristics of the Gulfstream G550

This aircraft is highly desirable for business travelers who want to make a good impression on clients. The Gulfstream G550 has an assortment of characteristics such as:

• Air travel range of almost 8,000 miles
• A maximum speed of almost 600 mph
• A crew capacity of two pilots and two attendants
• A passenger capacity of 14 to 19 passengers
• A maximum takeoff weight of over 90,000 pounds
• A large space to hold baggage

The original price to buy a Gulfstream G550 was nearly 50 million dollars, but today, the airplanes are purchased for nearly 80 millions dollars. Because one of these airplanes can travel a long distance without needing refueling, it is frequently selected for overseas travel from New York City to Europe or Japan. This airplane is able to travel quickly in order to get private jet charter passengers to a destination as quickly as possible.

This Aircraft’s Amenities

Passengers enjoy flying on this aircraft because it has an attractive ambience and offers comfortable seating for long flights. The passenger cabin is well-ventilated, providing fresh climate-controlled air. Many passengers prefer to travel at a lower than normal capacity to enjoy the spacious cabin with its reclining seats for resting until arriving at a destination. Each Gulfstream G550 has a large kitchen where attendants can prepare food and beverages. In addition, each of these airplanes is equipped with two lavatories. Modern conveniences also include coffeemakers, microwave ovens and Wi-Fi to use smartphones or computers.

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