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Vacation Boosts Mental and Physical Health

Vacation Boosts Mental and Physical Health | The Early Air Way

We have long known the restorative effects of vacations. Usually the benefits are attributed to fresh air, tree frequency, or fewer wireless signals. Most studies have shown that the main reason vacations are so beneficial is that we can unburden ourselves from the stresses of work life, and in return we get a vastly improved quality of life.

Life satisfaction sharply increases during and after a vacation. Positive holiday experiences make us reassess our outlook and boost our overall satisfaction. Some of the more intricate parts of this satisfaction deal with our social lives, leisure time, family interaction, romantic interest, and spiritual awakening.

Vacations give us an escape from our stresses. Instead of ruminating on the issues and struggles within our lives we are free to explore and experience time not spent worrying. The effects have been shown to last up to two weeks after returning from vacation.

Creativity blossoms while on vacation. In a new environment we almost become new people, with new ways of thinking. It might be the scenery that inspires the change or a psychological shift as a new comer to the area, but either way a new sense of flexibility in thoughts is discovered.


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