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Stress Free Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner and I think we can all agree that it’s time for a vacation.  Read the following tips below to learn how stress free travel is possible.

Stress Free Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation - The Early Air Way

Traveling can be an extremely stressful process for many people – especially if you have kids. As the summer season begins, many people start to think about where they would like to travel.

Fun and relaxation is often the ultimate goal of a summer trip, but sometimes the planning, preparation, and execution involved in vacations can take away from the overall enjoyment of the experience.

The long lines, worrying that you forgot something at home, learning how to travel without getting anxiety will make your vacation so much more enjoyable.

Stress has a tendency to creep up uninvited on getaways, but these tips may help you have a good time no matter what happens before, during, or after your next adventure.

Plan Early

Last minute planning often leads to frustration. When the things that you really want to do are unavailable because you failed to book tickets in time, it can be hard to swallow the alternatives you are faced with.

Instead of ending up in a less-than-desirable hotel or at a destination that was not your first choice, start your preparations early. You may want to start shopping around several months in advance, and some destinations may even require up to a year’s worth of foresight.

Invest in the Extras

While saving money on your summer vacation is always a plus, it is often worth it to pay a little bit extra for added luxury or comfort.

Whether you book a nicer hotel or charter a jet rather than deal with commercial flights, you may be able to reduce the worry and stress associated with going for the bargain price on amenities that you end up missing.

Private jets offer comfort and luxurious amenities that are not available on commercial airliners. There is plenty of space to stretch out or move about the cabin. A private jet conveys the image of a successful, well-managed organization or individual who appreciates the value of time and can afford more personalized air travel.

By avoiding long security lines, layover delays and baggage hassles associated with commercial air travel, you will arrive in less time, more refreshed and relaxed. This indispensable service will enable you to spend more quality time with friends and loved ones.

Be Flexible

Going on your dream summer vacation is something that you should aim for, but you should also be willing to be flexible enough that you do not stress yourself out before you even leave.

While you should try to do and see as much as possible, keep in mind that pushing yourself or your travel companions too hard can backfire and result in worry, anxiety, and even contention.

Your summer trip should allow you plenty of time to put aside the everyday hustle and bustle for some real relaxation. Do not let the stress of everyday life infringe on your next vacation.

Traveling with Kids

There’s no way to anticipate or alleviate all issues that may arise during a flight, but you can minimize the stress by planning ahead. Happy kids make a happy you, and everyone’s flight will be more enjoyable.

Stress Free Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation - The Early Air Way

Carry-On’s for Kids

Kids from toddler age and up have the ability to carry their own backpacks, so make sure they pack them with things they like to play with. From electronics to their favorite toys, this is a good way for them to keep themselves entertained on the flight.

If they enjoy reading, put in several books that will hold their attention. Do they enjoy listening to music? Bring their headphones and favorite songs!

Don’t Forget Snacks

If you’re traveling with more than one child, make sure you have enough snacks for all of them. Kids fighting over food can get messy – and loud! Make sure they each have their own snacks and drinks to minimize issues of who gets what and how much.

An extra tip is to give your appropriate age children gum or something to drink during takeoffs and landings. With the pressure changing in the cabin, it can wreak havoc on little ears. If they are chewing gum or drinking, it will help their ears pop and will minimize discomfort and tears.

Extra Clothes = Necessity

For young kids, including babies and toddlers, have an extra pair of clothes handy – for them and you. This way, no one will be covered in ick for the entirety of the flight. Extra diapers and wipes will also help if your baby has an accident and has to be changed. Bring a few more than you think you’ll need, just in case more accidents happen than you plan for.

Recharging on Vacation

New reports from the U.S. Travel Association cite that more than 4 in 10 Americans do not use their vacation days, fearing that someone else cannot do their job or that their work will pile up while they are away.

Recharging is important for your health, though – so here are a few ways that you can prioritize your health and enjoy your next trip.

  • Plan some “me time” every day. Consider meditation and other exercises to improve your relationship with yourself and release stress.
  • Alleviate anxiety by planning what you will accomplish each day and how to include some work time if necessary.
  • Set boundaries ahead of time for how much or little you will work.
  • Sleep more to restore energy.
  • Be present on your vacation to revitalize relationships with your loved ones.
  • Make balanced choices when it comes to food and drink. Enjoy in moderation.
  • Stay active to rejuvenate.
  • Improve your happiness by cultivating new hobbies or interests. Vacations or time off can be the best times to cultivate these interests.


Due to our current global pandemic, stress and anxiety levels have certainly risen. But by taking extra safety measures and preparing properly, your summer vacation will still be enjoyable, and much needed.

Stress Free Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation - The Early Air Way