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Travels Inspired by Oscar Winners

Travels Inspired by Oscar Winners | Early Air Way

Oscar nominated films are selected for many wondrous aspects, but the setting of their stories is not one of them. To celebrate the Oscars in a different way, here are some of the best destinations to travel around to reminisce in your own fame.

  • Copenhagen from “The Danish Girl”: The waterfront district of Nyhavn has great little townhouses lining the waterways. Some scenes in the movie glimpse iconic structures with great history to delve into.
  • Brooklyn Coney Island/Wexford from “Brooklyn”: Iconic beaches are shown in this movie with two different atmospheres, a packed beach where  people battle it out for space and the more remote pristine beaches in Ireland. The soft dunes of Ireland’s beaches are nearby St. Aidan’s cathedral.
  • The Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway from “Ex Machina”: In the movie, the hotel stands in as a secluded hideout, but in reality the Juvet is set in a natural preserve with gorges and waterfalls surrounding it. Available nearby are minimalist Norwegian log houses or historical buildings to reconnect with olden times.


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