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Travel Packing Tips for Your Next Trip

Travel Packing Tips for Your Next Trip | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen it comes to packing for a trip – be it long or short- it can be easy to overlook basic necessities or have trouble fitting everything into your suitcase. Check out these travel packing tips next time you’re wondering what to keep and what to ditch!

-If you travel regularly, keep the basics you’ll need in your backpack. Try to pack earplugs, sleeping mask, a light scarf, medicines, lip balm, and something to write with.
-Pack using a series of plastic baggies. You will easily be able to identify what is in them, and it will prevent any spills from happening inside your bag.
-Roll the clothing items you are packing to save space. Clothes will also be less wrinkled upon arrival.
-Try to pack light and bring items that can be repurposed or worn multiple times. Black is always a good color option.
-Be conservative with the number of pairs of shoes you bring. You will not need them all, so do your best to think through what you will and won’t need.

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