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Top Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

Top Tips for Travelers with Disabilities | The Early Air Way's BlogFor travelers with specific disabilities, planning a trip to Europe or other parts of the world may seem like a bit of a challenging task. However, with proper and thoughtful planning, anyone regardless of level of mobility can enjoy a wonderful vacation. Europe has begun making significant strides in regards to accessibility and removing barriers that may have prevented travelers with disabilities from previously being able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the historic cities. Rick Steves and his colleagues recommend doing as much planning ahead of time as possible and reviewing accessibility at the attractions and sites you aim to visit. Book hotels far in advance and confirm accessibility and support available with your accommodation. Plan routes carefully, have backup plans ready, and plan to stay in the most accessible parts of town as you can. If you opt for tours, you  may want to consider the route, method of travel, and their capacity for supporting travelers with disabilities.

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