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Top Summer Vacation Destinations with a Private Jet Charter

Top Summer Vacation Destinations with a Private Jet Charter | The Early Air Way


Arrive to a summer destination in style by booking an exclusive private jet. A New York jet charter is prepared to fly to any of these top summer vacation spots.

Punta Cana 
As the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic, Punta Canta offers tourists the summer vacation of a lifetime. This tropical destination features several resorts that present all-inclusive packages consisting of relaxing spa treatments, award-winning restaurants, swim-up bars, energetic nightlife, and pristine swimming pools. During their stay, visitors can also enjoy over 30 miles of picturesque beaches or one of 50 of the best golf courses in the world.

New Orleans
In the heart of New Orleans lies a popular summer vacation destination known as the French Quarter. The French Quarter presents tourists with the opportunity to enjoy amazing southern food, experience historic attractions, listen to live music, and shop at some of the oldest stores in the United States. According to the National Register of Historic Places, the city is proudly home to over 35,000 buildings.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is almost always the preferred summer destination for most travelers. From movie industry tours to beautiful beaches, the city offers a wealth of attractions to accommodate the needs of virtually any tourist. Experience the taste of Italy, France, Japan, Mexico, and China by dining at one of the many restaurants in downtown Los Angeles. Additionally, tourists can enjoy the luxurious hotels when they reside in West Hollywood.

Key West 
Key West is truly one of the most unforgettable vacation spots in America. The uniqueness of the city lies in the daily Sunset Celebrations, which bid farewell to the day with memorable entertainment such as acrobats and jugglers. The event also presents scrumptious treats and beautifully-crafted souvenirs throughout the celebration. One of the tastiest treats is the amazing homemade key lime pie.

Las Vegas 
It’s no surprise that Las Vegas is featured as one of the most exciting summer destinations. Throughout their stay, tourists are sure to enjoy vibrant shows/performances, world-class shopping, luxurious spas, and casino resorts. The endless food options will also entire many travelers.


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