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Top 20 Museums Around the World

Top 20 Museums Around the World | The Early Air Way's BlogWhether you’re a classic art buff or just one that enjoys taking in the sights, museums can be great opportunities to take a glimpse into local culture and history of the place you are visiting. CNN Travel has compiled their list of the top 20 museums around the world that you may want to consider incorporating into your next trip.

1. Louvre, Paris
2. National Museum of Natural History
3. National Museum of China, Beijing
4. National Air and Space Museum
5. British Museum, London
6. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
7. National Gallery, London
8. Vatican Museums
9. Natural History Museum, London
10. American Museum of Natural History
11. National Museum of American History
12. Tate Modern, London
13. National Palace Museum, Taiwan
14. National Gallery of Art, Washington
15. Centre Pompidou, Paris
16. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
17. Musee d’Orsay, Paris
18. National Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan
19. Science Museum, London
20. Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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