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Top 10 Travel Packing Tips

Top 10 Travel Packing Tips | The Early Air Way's BlogIf you’re about to embark on a vacation or business trip, consider these travel packing tips to help you get organized before you leave.

  1. Luggage: Be sure you have a well-designed, strong suitcase for what you need. If your suitcase may not hold up, it might be time to check out a new one.
  2. Take a small day bag with you for going out once you arrive at your destination.
  3. Clothes: Check the expected weather forecast for your travel spot, and plan for the types of outings you expect to take. Roll clothes instead of folding to take up less space.
  4. Unless you are planning to do laundry, take enough undergarments to last you for your trip.
  5. Footwear: Depending on your destination, plan to bring a pair of good walking shoes and then a few others, such as a casual pair and a nicer pair.
  6. Toiletries: Small travel bottles will be a great option to bring your favorite products with you.
  7. Equipment: If you need to bring all of your devices, plan ahead to pack them appropriately and carry them on with you. If you can afford to leave them at home, you might want to consider it.
  8. Food: Depending on your destination, you may not need to bring any food with you at all. That being said, a few snacks for your flight can never hurt!
  9. Dress for travel: Dress comfortably in layers to keep you happy during the flight.
  10. Shopping: If you forget anything, you can always pick it up once you arrive!

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