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Helpful Tips to Travel Safe This Spring Break

Spring is here, which means it’s time for a vacation at your favorite spot or an entirely new location. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to keep in mind a few tips to travel safe, especially during a global pandemic. Read further!

Helpful Tips to Travel Safe This Spring Break - The Early Air Way

Once the cold weather starts to break away and the first sign of spring appears, young kids, adults, and everyone in between are ready to head out on an adventure. Spring break travel is so popular because it is, well, a much-needed break!

To many, spring break brings travel around the world – seeking the best beaches and tropical locations. Others want an adventure or time spent immersing themselves in another culture. Then, there are those individuals who don’t go far, but rather take car trips to many nationwide hot spots.

What are your plans for spring break this year?

Well, no matter where you decide to travel, we’ve put together some helpful tips to travel safe this spring break.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

Right now, the entire world is dealing with a pandemic. And, unless you live off the grid, there’s a good chance you have heard all about COVID-19. It is sweeping across the world and causing a lot of illness and a lot of death.

Does that mean you shouldn’t travel? Well, the CDC and the WHO are not necessarily telling you that you cannot travel, but rather be diligent in taking care to protect yourself if you do.

Of course, keep in mind that there are currently a few areas that are arising and are considered hotspots for the virus. If you live in one of these areas or you intend to travel to one of them, you may want to look into the recommendations for quarantining along the way.

  • Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer.
  • Wear a cloth mask when you go out to protect your nose and mouth.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6ft between yourself and others.
  • Avoid social gatherings – especially those with more than 10 people.

It is absolutely possible to travel during the coronavirus pandemic without coming into contact with a lot of other people. For instance, if you travel via a private jet charter you can get to where you need to be without having to enclose yourself with hundreds of others on a commercial airliner.

Private jets are the healthiest way to fly right now. Also, avoid traveling to COVID-19 hotspots and/or visiting popular tourist destinations.

Use the Buddy System

If you make the decision to travel this spring break, then one of the safest choices you can make is to use the buddy system. Though, keep in mind, this may not always be possible if you are a solo traveler.

Remember the buddy system from your school days? That same concept is still important today – especially when traveling internationally. Never head out and about in an unfamiliar place alone.

Instead, always take someone you know with you. Should you get separated, have a designated meeting space.

Make Copies of Your Important Documents

You never know what may happen when traveling abroad. You always want to have identification with you, but what happens if you lose it? What happens if it gets stolen? There are few things worse than being in a foreign country with no proof of identity.

This is why you make copies. In fact, make a copy of your passport, photo ID, and travel itinerary and carry them with you. Leave your original back in your hotel safe or other secure location.

It is a good idea to also leave a copy of each with someone back at home. Should you find yourself stranded, you can easily ask for it to be emailed or faxed to you.

Helpful Tips to Travel Safe This Spring Break - The Early Air Way

Do Your Research Before You Go

When you arrive at a new location, you are ready for an adventure. And, that’s great. But you always want to be sure you research your destination before you go. Not only will this keep you safe, but it will also help you make the most of the time you have there.

Check the local government sites as well as the tourism board at your destination. Know if there are any particular items you should or shouldn’t bring, what the weather is like, if you need any specific vaccinations, and so forth.

Digging a bit further, you will be able to discover places that you want to check out and those areas you should probably avoid. Get an idea of the crime in the area and things that may directly impact your trip. The more information you have, the safer you will be.

Tip: If you do put together an itinerary for your time at your destination, leave a copy with someone you trust. Should something happen, this will give someone a better idea of where you are.

Protect Your Valuables

Depending on where you are traveling, you may be seen as a vulnerable target. Why? Well, tourists often stand out and are unaware of certain cultures. This means that they are gullible to scams of the locals and such.

Keep your eyes and ears open — and use common sense. Taking the time to read the stories of those who have gone before you, too, may also be beneficial.

When it comes to your valuables, leave them at home. If you can’t, then leave them at your hotel – preferably in the safe. As you head out for your daily adventures, you can rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe.

As for the currency or cards that you have on you? Split it up. Don’t carry everything in the same place. Whether it is a wallet, a pocket, a purse, a fanny pack, a sock, or a concealed compartment, split your items up.

The reason? Should one get pickpocketed, for instance, you won’t lose everything.

Remain Healthy

Your routine will change while you are on spring break. You may find that you eat out more, drink more, maybe have more junk food. And, well, your exercise routine will likely take a hit, too.

Be cognizant of what you are putting into your body. You are allowed to indulge, but not every meal. Take care of yourself – so your body can take care of you when it is time to recover and get back to work!

Always Travel Safe

Be careful if you choose to head out for spring break this year. And, remember – if you are going to fly, not only practice to travel safe, but also practice social distancing with a private jet charter!

Helpful Tips to Travel Safe This Spring Break - The Early Air Way