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Tips For Traveling With Kids

Tips For Traveling With Kids | The Early Air Way's BlogTraveling with children and the rest of the family can be an incredible – but also challenging – experience. With the right planning and travel tips to help you along the way, you can avoid any missteps and be on your way to an easy trip with the family. Read on for Christine Knight’s recommendations for traveling with children and making your job easier.

  1. If there’s any doubt about your child’s walking abilities, bring a travel stroller.
  2. Bring your own snacks and entertainment for the flights.
  3. Try to break up your flights to make the travel a bit easier on your child.
  4. Fly during the day- while it may be tempting to take a red eye, daytime flights can help you get over jet lag faster.
  5. Pack what you need- plain and simple.
  6. Leave delicate items, special clothing, and anything that you don’t want ruined at home.
  7. Choose locations wisely for accessibility to public transit or other methods of travel.
  8. Weigh the pros and cons of hotels versus apartment rentals.
  9. Try to have an included breakfast at your hotels to get a jump on the day.
  10. Plan realistically to account for your child’s jet lag and new stimulation levels.
  11. Allocate some down time for your family to rest and keep energy levels repleted.
  12. Try to plan fun activities for everyone to enjoy. If you do some of the traditional, more adult-oriented historical sites, include a few family friendly and kid-oriented spots as well.
  13. Stay longer in fewer places. Sprinting from place to place will give you little time to see everything and makes for a tired family.
  14. Order children’s meals for in-flight ahead of time.
  15. Break your routines by doing new things, trying new activities, eating new foods, and enjoying time as a family.

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