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Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag

Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag | The Early Air Way's BlogWhether you’re taking a short flight within the same time zone or jetsetting across the globe, traveling by plane can leave you feeling tired and worn out. Preventing and avoiding jet lag is possible with the right planning.

Start trying to adjust your internal clock several days before departure. By getting onto a new schedule that is closer to your destination, you’ll be better prepared and rested up. Avoid caffeine, overeating, and dehydration by sticking with water and healthy food options. This applies to the days leading up to your trip, as well as in-flight. Do your best to sleep on the plane; if you decide to use any sort of sleep aid, do so wisely.

Once you’ve arrived, get outside and soak up the sunlight to help adjust your clock with the new surroundings. Try your best not to nap – and if you do, only a powernap- to get onto your new schedule.

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