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Three High-Flying Options for Private Jets

Three High-Flying Options for Private Jets | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen it comes to private aircraft, travelers have a multitude of choices. Types of private jets are classified by size, flight range, speed capability, on-board amenities and other factors. Whether you are flying for business or simply for the pleasure of travel, a way to start thinking about which aircraft is ideal for our flight needs is to compare three of the options.

The Large Jet

In the private aircraft world, a large jet may seat nine to sixteen passengers in luxurious comfort. This is one of the types of private jets that is ideally suited for international flight and transcontinental travel. Features include:

  • In-flight catering capacity from a complete hot galley
  • Up-to-the-minute audio and video technology
  • Full-sized enclosed lavatory
  • High ceilings
  • Convertible cabin to accommodate sleeping arrangements for four to six passengers
  • Non-stop ranges in excess of 7,000 statute miles

The Mid-Sized Jet

Mid-size jets hold six to nine passengers. These types of private jets may be an excellent value for four to five-hour trips. They offer the deep comfort of the large jets with the nimble flying profile of smaller aircraft. The non-stop range is upwards of 3,900 statute miles. These jets provide high performance without sacrificing passenger comfort.

The Light Jet

These jets may be the best choice for both value and efficiency for those travelers seeking regional flight flexibility. Light jets carry six to eight passengers comfortably on hops of up to three hours. The non-stop range is approximately 2,700 statute miles. Types of private jets in this category may be equipped with mini-galleys, enclosed lavatories and in-flight media entertainment.

Jetting for Business and Pleasure

Privately owned and chartered aircraft ensure that the domestic or international traveler gets to his or her destination swiftly and hassle-free. Different types of private jets meet different requirements, whether it is a lavish experience or a comfortable commute between cities. While size is not the only distinguishing factor, it may be the launching point for deciding which aircraft fits the itinerary.

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