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Taking a Vacation is Healthy

Taking a Vacation is Healthy | The Early Air Way

In studies reported on by Forbes, Skift, and Huffigton Post, only 25% of Americans use their entire vacation time, 42% of Americans take no vacation time, and 61% of the time spent on vacations is still work related. But vacations have shown important health benefits for the employee, and that translates to health benefits for the entire company. Here are some of the health benefits you get from traveling away from the work desk.

  • Reduce Stress: vacations eliminate stress and anxiety, boosting mental and physical health.
  • Healthy Heart: an annual vacation has been linked to reduced heart disease. Across genders a regular vacation has shown reduction in chances of heart attack.
  • Mental Health: relaxation without work worries improves mood emotions leading to improved quality of life.
  • Improved Relationships: marital satisfaction decreases as the frequency of vacations decreases, and families learn through experiential learning better.


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