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The Importance of Emergency Flights During a Pandemic

Importance of Emergency Flights During a Pandemic - The Early Air Way

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had to adapt to our new way of living. But essential travel is still very much needed in order to deliver essential supplies and more. Read below about the importance of emergency flights. We have learned a lot in 2020 thus far, haven’t we? Just last year, we would have never…

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Private Jets to Get Faster With New Aircraft Concepts

New designs in aircraft are expected to cut travel time as new planes reach unbelievable speeds. The Antipode, a concept craft so far is estimated to fly at 12,427 miles per hour, or Mach 24. With past supersonic aircraft for travel, upkeep is too expensive for commercial applications, so the new designs are more geared…

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Private Jet for the Price of an Economy Seat

Travel blogger, Alex Simon essentially traveled in a private jet when no other passengers purchased tickets for the flight. In a recent trip from Manila to Boracay Alex, was given a taste of the VIP life from arrival to departure, he was personally invited to board by name, departed two hours early, and got all of…

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Fall Travel Trends to Consider for Your Vacation

As summer comes to an end and the leaves begin to change colors, it may be time to begin planning your fall vacation. Trends this autumn include traveling to warmer resort destinations, and AAA expects that 3 in 4 people will be traveling at some time this fall season. Flexibility may be key if you…

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Lonely Planet Predicts Future of Travel

A partnership between Lonely Planet and the International Air Transport Association has published ten predictions regarding the future of global travel. The list ranges from increase in popularity of international festivals and experience hotels to the evolution of airports and sustainable travel. Another interesting prediction that the list explains is the rise of virtual travel,…

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Business Jet Traffic Takes Off in Dubai

The number of business and private jet landings and take-off has increased over 100 percent at Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central. This increase in Dubai jet charter traffic comes just before the closure of several runways for routine maintenance at Dubai International, forcing some commercial airlines to use DWC as well. Click here…

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Gulfstream G650s popular on secondary market

The Gulfstream G650 is the most popular private jet currently on the market, so much so that several of them have already been flipped for a profit since the first one was delivered to Steve Wynn in 2012. Gulfstream does not have a problem with this occurring, saying that sales of new jets have not…

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New Business Jet Sold by Boeing

Boeing recently sold the first BBJ Max 8, the business jet version of the popular 737 airliner. The new BBJ Max 8 will be able to travel further on less fuel, all while emitting fewer pollutants into the environment, than previous versions of the business jet. Click here to read the rest of John Gillie’s article for…

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Private Jets for More Than Just Elite

Private Jets for More Than Just Elite | The Early Air Way's Blog

For many people, the perception of private jets is that they are used and enjoyed only by the rich and famous. However, this is not the case, as they are also used for many humanitarian purposes as well. Several private jets were used in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight in the South…

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Private Jets a Status Symbol in China

Private Jets a Status Symbol in China | The Early Air Way's Blog

Wealthy business people in China believe that private jets are a status symbol, and the country has seen a rise in sales of large-class business jets that can travel great distances. Despite the growth of the business jet market in China, the use of private jets is still complicated by the fact that the military…

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