Private Jet Charter Los Angeles: Vacation Like a Celebrity

private jet charter los angeles Celebrities are one of the first things that pop into your head when you think of Hollywood California. That is why your California vacation should start with a private jet charter to Los Angeles California. Private jet charters allow you to travel in luxury giving you an experience that you thought only existed in the movies.

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East-West Jet Lag is Worst

Jet lag affects every traveler differently, but a common trend among those flying east has shown that travel in that direction produces worse jet lag than any other direction. A scientific model has been prepared to demonstrate the effects on time-keeping cells in the body.

In the hypothalamus pacemaker cells synchronize and determine whether it is night or day based on the ambient light in our surroundings. When travelling to a new time zone, this process is disrupted, and grogginess begins to set in. But our bodies are not perfectly aligned with a 24 hour day, on average the cycles of these cells is slightly longer than 24 hours.

“The body’s internal clock has a natural period of slightly longer than 24 hours, which means that it has an easier time traveling west and lengthening the day than traveling east and shortening the day.” -Dr. Givan University of Maryland.


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Safari With Wine, Smoothies, and a Lounge

A newly renovated safari property has added amenities and luxury facilities. The Singita Lebombo Lodge recently reopened with a new winter lounge, smoothie and espresso bar, wine boutique, lap pool, and interactive kitchen with rooftop dining.

The designer drew inspiration from the location, citing meditative spaces and giant euphorbia trees for a less is more style. The calming look comes from stone-washed linens and textured wood along with material choices for the walls.


Click here for the full article by Adeline Duff.

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Word-Class Destinations for Family Summer Vacation Fun

No one needs to be reminded of how precious the fleeting moments of family vacations are. Those characteristically sultry days that just seem to whiz by year after year are critical to promoting healthy family culture. Subsequently, vacation planners everywhere take their best shots each summer to make the time with their families as memorable and impactful as possible. Here are some ideas for mapping out unforgettable vacation activities that could very easily become annual family traditions.

Breathtaking Outdoor Adventures
Aspen, Colorado will always be known for its first-class ski resorts, but the surrounding natural environment also lends itself to some great summertime fun. Since it is normally a good idea to survey a region’s landscape before exploring it in-depth, Aspen visitors have the option of taking off on one of the city’s spectacular hot air balloon rides. A typical tour of the stunning mountainous region begins at dawn and ends with a congratulatory champagne or sparkling cider brunch where participants receive official flight certificates as souvenirs. From above, tour guides can point out the best trails and scenic areas for days of biking, horseback riding and kayaking.

Yellowstone National Park is home to numerous species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Park visits are ideal for families with children of all ages who are curious about the natural environment and its inhabitants. Besides the self-guided park activities, children can participate in special initiatives that are led by park rangers like the ranger adventure hikes, young scientist program and junior ranger program. All park events promote critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and a respect for the environment.

Journeys in Experiential Learning
It’s generally true that many Parisians forsake the City of Light during the summer in favor of cooler climes near France’s Mediterranean coast. The warm-weather months offer Paris visitors rare windows of opportunity to explore the city’s famed design district without being crushed by crowds. Budding fashion and interior designers happily find that tours of textile boutiques can lead them all over the fascinating city. Families that want to get the most out of their haute-couture adventures book tours with knowledgeable guides (1) who are often design students at the local universities.

Everybody benefits from a household of skilled cooks, and families that choose to vacation in the lovely Riviera Maya region can imbibe in the area’s fresh produce while learning to make authentic Mexican cuisine. After playing and relaxing at one of the district’s famed beach resorts, many visitors report to the International Kitchen’s Riviera Maya cooking school campus (2) for four days of culinary cultural immersion into Mexico’s past and present.

Lend a Helping Hand
Taking a volunteer vacation is one way for families to reinforce their values relating to citizenship, social responsibility, environmental stewardship and compassion. Volunteers to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (3) can personally interact with children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. Those who choose assignments in Cartago, Costa Rica (4) can bring joy to the city’s often-marginalized elderly population through lunch visitation programs. Both of these regions offer first-class tourism activities in addition to opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the people who live in those areas.

Modes of modern travel put the world at the fingertips of adventurous vacationers. Families that strive to produce members who are imaginative and inquisitive thinkers have nearly limitless vacation possibilities.




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Private Jet Charters Are Safe And Convenient

If you have to get to a business meeting or are just taking a family vacation, you might want to consider a private jet charter. Though it’s more expensive than flying commercial, chartering a private jet is more convenient, and it’s a safe way to fly.

Private jet charters are flown by licensed, experienced pilots, and though their crash rate is slightly higher than that of commercial aviation, it is much less than overall general aviation. That means you can feel confident that you are safe while flying on a private jet charter.

In addition to safety, your private jet charter provides you with a level of convenience that you just don’t get on a commercial flight. First off, since you are leaving from the general aviation area and likely have no more than a handful of other passengers on your flight, you can show up close to departure time and you won’t have to stand in long ticket or security lines. Boarding is easy, and you don’t have to worry about how many bags you get to bring along. Another big plus when it comes to flying a private jet charter is that you can fly direct to most places without having to connect through a larger airport. As long as the place you are going has an airport with a runway that can accommodate a small jet, you can fly there. Not having to connect means you save additional time on your flight. And, of course, with a private jet charter, you get a level of personal service that you won’t experience with commercial, from check-in to landing.

With all of these advantages, it’s a wonder more people don’t fly a private jet charter to get to their destination. You can fly in comfort, get to your destination much quicker and feel confident that you are safe while in the air.

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Jet Charter Companies in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to charter a private jet out of Los Angeles, you’re in luck. Los Angeles has one of the largest inventories of private jets in the world, all thanks to the Van Nuys Airport.

The Van Nuys Airport is arguably the busiest private aviation airport in the world, closely matched only by its east coast counterpart, the Teterboro airport near New York City. The fact of the matter is however, although Teterboro competes with Van Nuys in the number of rotations (takeoffs and landings), many more airplanes call Van Nuys home than they do Teterboro.

There is little surprise why the Van Nuys Airport is the private jet capital of the country… Hollywood! Many movie studios, producers, and some celebrities own aircraft that are based at the Van Nuys and Burbank airports. Furthermore, supporting businesses and individuals of Hollywood exist in the region, all in addition to the normal economic flow a large city the size of Los Angeles would have.

If you’re looking for a private jet in Los Angeles, The Early Air Way is the place to be. We inventory every last part 135 charter aircraft that is based in Los Angeles, and then weed the ones that don’t meet our safety and quality standards out. Next, we monitor transient inventory through our system, meaning that our inventory of available planes is actually greater than the number of planes based in LA. Finally, we monitor cost-saving empty legs and one-ways better than almost anyone else. Add in the fact that we’re physically based at the Van Nuys Airport and you end up with a company that is capable of providing you a stellar product out of the Los Angeles area.

The next time you need to charter a jet out of the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out The Early Air Way. Below is an interesting Travel Channel video from the 1990s about the [now defunct] Petersen Aviation facility. This is current the headquarters of The Early Air Way.

Travel Channel Video on our facility

The Early Air Way at the Van Nuys Airport
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How Jet Hedging Works


When you think about hedging as it relates to planes, you probably think about fuel hedging, which is something the commercial airlines do a lot of as they try to buy fuel ahead of time at a set price to provide consistent costs. Private jet owners engage in fuel hedging, too, but there is another type of hedging when it comes to private flying.

What Is Jet Hedging?

When people don’t want to or can’t afford their own plane, they can buy into fractional jet ownership, meaning they get a certain amount of use of a single plane or multiple planes in one category, such as small, medium or large. These programs offer a lot of advantages, but they also have some limitations. Jet hedging takes the process a bit further by allowing those with fractional ownership to have more control over what type of plane they have. For example, if someone bought fractional ownership in a small jet, say an eight-seater, but needed a larger jet for a trip, a hedging company could help.

Advantages Of Jet Hedging

With jet hedging, you get more control not only over the type of aircraft you fly in but also the way the seating is configured, how old it is and what its customer satisfaction rating is. If you need a larger jet or one that has a bigger range than the one in which you have ownership, hedging can make it happen. And though hedging sounds as though it would add costs onto what you already spend for your fractional ownership, in many cases such trips can actually be a better value. Hedging companies buy empty legs on other jets, which they get at a discount.

Private jet travel already has many advantages over commercial air travel and being able to do private jet hedging is just one more advantage. You can use hedging to make you air travel even more convenient.


Arrive In Style: Los Angeles Jet Charter Travel

The rumors are true: Los Angeles has terrible traffic. The freeways, malls, and beaches are all crowded. At LAX, the international airport, it is a struggle to park, to find your terminal, and to get a seat as you wait for your flight. Instead of starting or ending your vacation or business trip at this zoo of an airport, you should consider taking a private jet. Whether you are coming or going from the City of Angels, traveling with a Los Angeles jet charter will save you time, stress, and discomfort.

Taking a non-commercial plane eliminates your need to drive all the way to Westchester to get to LAX. There are dozens of small airports in the Los Angeles area available for private use by chartered flights. You can choose a convenient location, and even a time that works best for you. By spending a little extra money on your travel arrangements, you can say goodbye to all those unwanted red-eye excursions.

Without having to deal with the unpleasantness of a delayed flight, crying children, or limited luggage space, you can spend your time focusing on the beauty of the city as seen from the plane as you arrive or depart. A Los Angeles jet charter will allow you to enjoy the view of the sparking Pacific Ocean, the palm trees, and the curving labyrinth of crossing freeways. Depending on the direction that your plane is headed, you may perhaps catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign, Catalina Island, the San Gabriel Mountains, or Beverly Hills.

In addition to the convenience and comfort provided by a private jet, being on a luxury plane will also make your flight a lavish experience. From the personalized service to the spacious seats, you will be flying in style. You even have the option of hiring a masseuse or professional chef to accompany you. When traveling to or from Southern California, a Los Angeles jet charter is an option worth considering.

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Travel In Style With a Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

It has never been easier or more cost effective to book a Los Angeles private jet charter. Because there are so many jets that regularly fly into and out of Los Angeles, there is a great likelihood that a plane is heading in a direction you are looking to fly. Charter companies are getting more precise about keeping track of where their planes are at a given time, and can often sell charters on flights that would otherwise have been made without passengers at discounted rates.

Whether you are looking to cross the Pacific and spend the week in Bali or cross the country for an important meeting in New York, flying via private jet is extremely convenient. Because private jets generally fly out of smaller airports, there is no need to fight with the crowds at LAX before boarding your flight. You merely have to show up and walk right on your plane.

Choosing a Los Angeles private jet charter also allows you control over your in-flight experience. If you are traveling for pleasure, you can book a private chef to cook for you on board or perhaps have the plane stocked with your favorite bottles of wine. Business charters are frequently fully wired so there is no need to stop working while you are in the air. Most people recognize that private jets are far more relaxing than commercial jets. Regardless of your reason for traveling, you will appreciate the peace and quiet on a private plane.

Some people believe it is necessary to purchase shares of a private jet or subscribe to a charter service. While these deals are beneficial for frequent flyers, they are not necessary to charter a private plane and many common routes are actually cheaper when booked on their own. Los Angeles private jet charter rates are some of the most competitive in the country. There is no reason not to investigate the cost of flying privately for your next trip.

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Put an Elderly Relative at Ease by Flying With a Los Angeles Jet Charter Service

Traveling by commercial airlines to and from the Golden State can be exhausting, but it does not have to be that way. Standard airline seats can be cramped and uncomfortable, and complex security procedures and the long lines they cause can wear out even the most seasoned and physically fit passenger. For the elderly, the demands made upon you to simply travel from one place to another can become overwhelming. Recently, families looking to avoid these discomforts are discovering an attractive alternative.  If you want to increase the comfort and peace of mind of an elderly member of your family when traveling, a Los Angeles jet charter service can make all the difference in the world.

Flying by chartered jets smoothes out all the rough spots in airline travel. You can avoid large crowds and waiting around, and enjoy attentive service and a wide range of amenities that will put any traveler at ease. There are no intrusive and exhausting security lines, and the planes fly on a schedule that you choose instead of having it chosen for you. For California families, paying a little extra for all the benefits of using a Los Angeles jet charter service can be the difference between traveling with an elderly relative or staying at home.

It is not just the elderly that can benefit from the privacy, comfort, and extra room that flying by a jet charter service can provide. There are many medical conditions that might make you think twice about flying by regular airlines and navigating your way through crowded airports. While you may not have any critical medical needs, you may want to avoid any additional discomfort that you might encounter if you flew by commercial airlines in packed airplane cabins. Travel by chartered jet allows you to stretch out in comfort, with meticulous service reserved for the members of your party instead of shared with a planeload of strangers. If you are traveling in a large group that includes one or two elderly members, you might even find that a Los Angeles jet charter service is competitive with flying first class by commercial airlines.

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