Luxury Hotel Brings Rebirth to Asbury Park

Luxury Hotel Brings Rebirth to Asbury Park | The Early Air Way

Two blocks from the boardwalk, the Asbury Hotel opening is a milestone as the first hotel opening in Asbury Park, NJ in over 50 years. A derelict Salvation Army building was converted into the boutique hotel, tuned to showcase the city’s music, art, and food scenes.

Asbury Park has seen some struggles with hurricanes, the Great Recession, and Superstorm Sandy, but the Victorian charm and proximity to Manhattan have helped the city recover.

The Asbury hotel has a communal outdoor meeting lounge, The Pit, and Soundbooth, a music-themed bar just inside the lobby, for entertaining guests within the building. A beer garden, outdoor pool, and contracted food trucks round out the experience well.


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Florence has Amazing Luxury Hotels

  • Villa Cora:  The main villa is in the center of the estate. Its opulence , frescoes, and huge mirrors bring the luxurious mood to the place. There are multiple reception rooms mixing styles for anyone.
  • The St. Regis Florence: Service members somehow are discreet and affable here, and only enhance the ambiance. The elegant courtyard boasts Chef Valeria Piccini and her pilgrimage-worthy restaurant Da Caino.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Firenze: On this eleven acre park the hotel sprawls between two buildings, a 15th century Palazzo della Gherardesca and a 16th century covenant. The old Parisian decor is sumptuous, an each room is an individual treat.
  • Portrait Firenze: This hotel is placed almost right on the River Arno. A modern Italian design bring luxury into contemporary style. Photos from the 30’s to the 60’s cover the walls and rugs cover expansive wooden floors. Each room has a kitchenette with small dishwasher.


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Luxury Condo Amenities

Luxury real estate agents are vying for more upscale clients with new amenities and features that bring the wow factor to their listed condos. While not everyone will use these services, they make life that little bit better.

  • Feng Shui Consultant:  Click here to see how experts may think a Feng Shui consultant to be a transient fad, there seems to be a global demand as new Chinese buyers are arriving. A more lasting effect might be found from incorporating Feng Shui into the building layout.
  • Hotel-Styled Room Service: The best feeling from hotels is the room service experience, something that is rare with a busy lifestyle. Instead of grabbing a bag from the delivery personnel, the building’s chef and waitstaff can be booked to prepare the meal in your unit.
  • Private JetResidents at 111 Murray Street have access to a wealth of private jet options, choose from 13,500 aircraft and helicopters. Worldwide destinations and included concierge incorporate the best luxury for this condo.


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Spa Getaways in Bali

Amandari is a spa with an ancient Balinese village look and feel. The architecture of the villas matches perfectly, and the dedication to traditional practices engulfs you in Bali wonder.

The Ayana Resort and Spa is actually two villas specializing in romantic pampering. The treatments provided at these villas are exclusive, only 6 sessions are offered per day and each session is for one couple.

For a Balinese clifftop spa adventure, the Bulgari Hotel & Resort Bali incorporates lavish decor and views of the Indian Ocean. The best massage experience available from this resort is a Javanese roaylty treatment from the 17th century.
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Miami Ultra-luxe Vacation

South Florida is home to a new ultra-luxe neighborhood, Bal Harbour, just north of Miami. The finalized plans from 1946 included a vision for a modern community of exceptional standards and providing superior quality services.

Bal Harbour is known for impeccable streets, oceanfront hotels, condos, resort spas, and top-of-the-line shopping and restaurants. Continue through the link below for more details on the wonders of Bal Harbour.


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Hotel and Amenities the New Style of Airbnb

At the same time as launching Airbnb Live There, the team also launched as testing program for hospitality-driven experiences. This new pilot program, Sonoma Select, is geared solely to Sonoma California and bring more features to booking through Airbnb.

While the cost of staying in these listings is a bit higher than usual, it balances out with the features available from them. They are full house/apartment listings, allow for 24 hour check-ins, and have full 3-D maps to tour the listings beforehand.

If you choose to turn on the Sonoma Select filter, you’re shown about 37 different listings, all of which offer Instant Booking, 24-hour check-in, and local amenities that include “local treats, wine, upgraded bath products, and a guidebook.”


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Luxury Travels are Hot for Summer

Travelers are pining for Italy, the UK, and France as upcoming bookings are reporting. Fully 8 of the top 10 foreign travel destinations are European.

From these same reports we see that Tanzania, Portugal, Ireland, and Brazil are showing the most improvement in travel growth this year. Diverse African wildlife and scenery seems to be driving the largest growth in those areas.


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Luxury Travel Trends Coming Up in 2016

In the upcoming height of travel and into the next year, here are a couple trends experts expect to see.

  • Local, local, local: Travelers are demanding more and more local experiences over guides and history.
  • Authentic, but only somewhat: Most guests want a hotel room with the option of jumping into the culture.
  • Personalization: It may not have to be a big deal, but the right song playing and some pictures of family can make the trip the best.
  • High end hip: What the guests perceive as cool can bring a large influx of tourists.


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Luxury Travel is Influencing Fashion Globally

China has produced millions of outbound tourists in 2015, and of $229 billion in spending, the top purchases from these guests were on fashion and accessories. This trend is expected to change customer service and product design for luxury travel consumers.

Distributors have introduced sizes tailored for petite Asian consumers in preparation of those shoppers. The fashion schedule is also being upset as travelers shop expecting to go to Dubai for the winter season. This change is showing in the increase of resort collections and even the uptick in resort brands.


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Travelers Really Want…

Hotels are beefing up their styles and offerings, but what do we really want from them as travelers?


Frequently travelers are bringing an average of 40% more gadgets with them on trips. Smartphones, laptops, and cameras are some of the universal gadgets, but now tablets, e-readers, and other technological devices.

Demand for new charger technologies is topping most requests, with other requests for removing landlines and locating outlets closer to beds rounding out the top. Free Wi-Fi or other internet connections are becoming more widespread, but more is always demanded.


The vast majority of travelers use more energy while staying in hotels, but also a large portion are influenced by sustainable practices. Some suggestions being offered are “eco-customer” incentives for environmentally friendly practices while staying in a room.

While some guests want remote access to climate control and lifestyle features like smart televisions and coffee makers, some even go so far as requesting robo-butlers.


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