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Travelers Really Want…

Travelers Really Want... | The Early Air Way

Hotels are beefing up their styles and offerings, but what do we really want from them as travelers?


Frequently travelers are bringing an average of 40% more gadgets with them on trips. Smartphones, laptops, and cameras are some of the universal gadgets, but now tablets, e-readers, and other technological devices.

Demand for new charger technologies is topping most requests, with other requests for removing landlines and locating outlets closer to beds rounding out the top. Free Wi-Fi or other internet connections are becoming more widespread, but more is always demanded.


The vast majority of travelers use more energy while staying in hotels, but also a large portion are influenced by sustainable practices. Some suggestions being offered are “eco-customer” incentives for environmentally friendly practices while staying in a room.

While some guests want remote access to climate control and lifestyle features like smart televisions and coffee makers, some even go so far as requesting robo-butlers.


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