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7 Tips for Flying Internationally on a Private Jet

Flying Internationally on a Private Jet - The Early Air Way

Private international travel is much different than flying commercial. Will all the same rules apply? Do you still need a passport? Do you go through customs? Here are 7 tips for flying internationally on private jet charters. Traveling internationally for the first time is very exciting with a tad bit of scary. Why? If you…

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Planning an International Trip: 5 Reasons to Fly Private

Planning a international trip can be mentally tiring, even before the actual day of travel begins. Multiple search engines and airlines, all touting themselves as the superior deal, offer up specials that seem impossible to actually book, hidden fees, and sometimes outrageous taxes. Long before stepping into the airport, many a traveler cringes visibly at the…

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International Traveling Tips

When traveling internationally there are important things that you have to remember to do and bring. For example you have to have a passport in order to leave the country as well as enter a new country. That is why it is so important to make copies of your passport. Photo copy your passport in case…

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Palawan: Sailing's Next Destination?

Palawan, the largest island province in the Philippines, might just be the next great destination for sailing. While one would assume that the islands are popular for yachting and sailing, the charter industry is far behind those of Australia, the Caribbean, and even Thailand. However, many are hopeful and excited that Palawan could turn into…

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