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Planning an International Trip: 5 Reasons to Fly Private

5 Reasons to Fly Private If You're Traveling Internationally | Early Air Way

Planning a international trip can be mentally tiring, even before the actual day of travel begins. Multiple search engines and airlines, all touting themselves as the superior deal, offer up specials that seem impossible to actually book, hidden fees, and sometimes outrageous taxes. Long before stepping into the airport, many a traveler cringes visibly at the mere thought of endless lines, arrogant security agents, and being forced to take off their shoes while limiting toiletries to what will fit into tiny plastic bottles.

Enter the vacation where travel revolves around the passengers’ actual comfort. Travel to your next international adventure on a private jet. While there are countless reasons to plan your next international trip on a private jet, here are five of the best.


The average legroom, even on extended international routes, averages a mere 31 inches. Some of this precious room is even reduced if the traveler gets a wild hair and decides to actually insert a magazine or novel in the seat pocket in front of them! While a few exceptions exist, up to 34 inches in the case of Aero Mexico, travelers shouldn’t expect to be overly comfortable in any coach class seat. For those wanting to splurge on the, often outrageously priced, business or first class the room enlarges exceptionally but at great cost. Compare this experience to the private jet charter. Luxurious seats with seemingly endless legroom. The ability to get up and move about the plane without elbowing other travelers in the head or stepping on feet. No fears of crashing into the food and drink cart, or being unable to use the restroom because of the lines. The comfort of a private jet is something you will want if you are on an international trip.


Consider your last experience at the airport. For an international flight, you would have been required to allow at least three hours in advance. You would have stood in a line to check in and get your boarding pass. You then would have gone to an even longer line in security. After removing your shoes, taking your laptop out of your bag and flashing your plastic bag of toiletries you might have passed through unscathed. Or, you might have been further subjected to the wand or pat down. Now, dream of traveling by private jet. You arrive at a significantly smaller airport and are dropped directly at your plane. Your luggage is put on board and your plane departs. Suddenly the challenging task of heading off on your vacation is turned into a pleasant experience from beginning to end.


Commercial airlines are becoming ever stingier when it comes to personal baggage allowance, in large part because the revenues earned on fees topped over $11 billion dollars in 2015. Currently the majority of major airlines on international routes allow one free checked bag along with a free carry on and personal item, but additional and overweight bags are charged anywhere from $25 to over $200. Recently United Airlines shocked the travel world by announcing an even stricter service called Basic Economy that restricts use of the overhead bin. When traveling internationally by private jet, however, feel free to pack at will. Although there are still restrictions on size, there is more leeway than flying commercially, and there are never extra fees involved.


On a commercial flight you “get what you get”. For international flights this may mean some meals are included in your ticket cost and, depending upon your destination, there may be in-flight movies or personal entertainment centers but you are unable to customize your flight to suit your needs. If you wish to travel with your pet, for instance, they must fit in a carrier under the seat, be a registered service animal, or be relegated to baggage. Not so when traveling by private jet. You, and your furry family member, will board and ride together in comfort rather than be subjected to separation and safety concerns.

On commercial flights, meal service has steadily declined in quality over the years, with many airlines eliminating or cutting back. When flying by private jet, the choice is yours. The choice is yours – do you prefer a full meal service? Perhaps a tapas dinner is on the agenda to get your stomach eager for arrival in lovely to Spain. Heading to Japan? A full sushi bar with assorted Sake might be on the menu. In addition, most charter jets allow you to bring your own food on board creating an excellent opportunity to enjoy your favorite wine or a mile high gourmet picnic for a truly unique experience.

Embrace Empty Leg Flexibility

For decades, a popular option for international travelers to Europe has been the one-way sailing combined with a one-way flight home. What a perfect opportunity to investigate a “empty legs,” also called “deadheads,” private jet charters. Many transatlantic cruises offer excellent one-way pricing, the ideal combination with a dead-leg or empty-leg, private jet charter flight. To make for an even better value, check out one of the beginning or end of season repositioning cruises. For a lower than market price, enjoy a lightly booked cruise ship sailing to or from Europe, then board your dead leg private jet charter the opposite direction for what will truly become a trip of a lifetime. Explore the highlights of a diverse and eclectic continent, enjoy the comfort of a transatlantic cruise, and embrace the comfort of a private jet.

Many believe that private jet charter is out of reach for them. It is thought to be too expensive to be reasonable, or something that is only available to multimillionaires and celebrities. By taking the time to investigate the options available, and taking into account the benefits in time, comfort, and flexibility, how can you not reach for the stars? Travel with your pet, eat what you choose, forget extra bag fees, and relish in additional leg room. All of these benefits can be yours when you plan your next international trip with the use of a private charter jet company.