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Stay Healthy In Flight With These Tips

Stay Healthy In Flight With These Tips | The Early Air Way's BlogWhile flying private can minimize many of these risks, flying in general, and especially commercial, will potentially increase your risk of catching a cold or other germs on a flight. There are many precautions you can take to avoid getting sick, so read on for these helpful tips!

  • Don’t drink the tap water or order ice in your drinks.
  • Avoid using blankets and pillows- instead, bring your own.
  • Try your best not to touch tray tables, or bring some sort of antibacterial wipes to ensure germs are gone.
  • Order a hot meal.
  • Avoid aisle seats.
  • Use the air vent above your seat, which kills about 99.9% of germs!
  • Take precautions when using the airplane restroom.
  • Use nasal spray to help keep your nose healthy.
  • Consider changing seats if the person near you is sick.
  • Stay hydrated!

Click here to read the full article by Talia Avakian for Business Insider.