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Start Your Vegas Vacation With a Private Jet Charter Flight

Start Your Vegas Vacation With a Private Jet Charter Flight | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

Ready for an unforgettable trip to Las Vegas? Why wait until after the plane lands to begin making memories and enjoying your vacation? Chartering a private flight gives you flexibility as well as amenities. Consider these four reasons to charter a jet for your next Vegas vacation:

  1. Your Style

Whether you would like to travel in the lap of luxury, or keep it more economical, private flights offer many options. With anything from a celebrity chef on board, to a group rate you can split with your buddies, chartering offers amenities in every price range. Need to make a business presentation in flight? The individual setting of a charter craft makes it an ideal setting for business matters.

  1. Your Schedule

Chartering a flight means you are in charge of the schedule. You get to make departure and arrival decisions, rather than having to bend your schedule around a set of predetermined flights. Trip logistics are in your control, even if last minute changes crop up.

  1. Hassle-Free Ground Transportation

Many travelers need ground transportation upon arrival, and this can be seamlessly arranged in combination with your charter flight. Less hassle and more choices result from using the same company for both air and ground transportation. Any vehicle type can be arranged to meet you at the conclusion of your flight, making your transfer simple and seamless.

 4. Group Rates

Flying with friends or in a group? Sharing the charter rate between members of a party traveling together can be a cost-effective and fun way to fly. Unlike commercial flights, charter prices do not normally increase as your departure date draws near, so even if you plan the getaway only weeks in advance, a charter flight could very well fit into your budget.

Chartering a flight can be fun and memorable. Traveling with the assurance that the details are taken care of starts your trip off right. With the myriad of amenities offered on a charter jet, there is a private flight that will work for any style.

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