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Reducing the Stress of Flying with Kids

Reducing the Stress of Flying with Kids | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

Vacation. That magical time of the year to get away from it all and have a chance to relax. No work, no schedules, just fun in the sun. But getting to the vacation destination can be filled with stress and anxiety—especially if you have to travel with kids.

Here are a few ways to help ensure the flight to your vacation destination is just as stress-free and relaxing as the vacation itself.

Carry-On’s for Kids

Kids from toddler age and up have the ability to carry their own backpacks, so make sure they pack them with things they like to play with. From electronics to their favorite toys, this is a good way for them to keep themselves entertained on the flight. If they enjoy reading, put in several books that will hold their attention. Do they enjoy listening to music? Bring their headphones and favorite songs!

Don’t Forget Snacks

If you’re traveling with more than one child, make sure you have enough snacks for all of them. Kids fighting over food can get messy—and loud! Make sure they each have their own snacks and drinks to minimize issues of who gets what and how much.

Give your kids gum or something to drink during takeoffs and landings. With the pressure changing in the cabin, it can wreak havoc on little ears. If they are chewing gum or drinking, it will help their ears pop and will minimize discomfort and tears.

Extra Clothes = Necessity

For young kids, including babies and toddlers, have an extra pair of clothes handy—for them and you. This way, no one will be covered in ick for the entirety of the flight. Extra diapers and wipes will also help if baby has an accident and has to be changed. Bring a few more than you think you’ll need, just in case more accidents happen than you plan for.


There’s no way to anticipate or alleviate all issues that may arise during a flight, but you can minimize the stress by planning ahead. Happy kids make a happy you, and everyone’s flight will be more enjoyable. Another option to consider is taking a private jet. Flying in a private jet can make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable for both you and your kids by allowing more space and comfort.