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Pro Packing Tips for Easy Travel

Pro Packing Tips for Easy Travel | The Early Air Way's BlogPacking can be a tedious and necessary part of planning for your upcoming travels. This ten step guide can help you to better prepare for packing and get you off on your trip with all that you need.

  1. Find a lightweight but sturdy suitcase that is less than six pounds and fits the requirements for your airline- whether carry-on or checking.
  2. Compression bags can help you to fit double the amount of clothing that you need.
  3. Try to plan your wardrobe for your trip to be filled with mix and match items and neutral palettes.
  4. Use dry cleaning bags to prevent wrinkles.
  5. Pack a collapsible duffel that can be used for toting and later utilized for bringing back items that do not fit in your bag.
  6. Keep the footwear down to three pairs or less.
  7. Maximize your allotted “personal item” to fit your important electronics and items, as well as any important clothing that didn’t fit in your bag.
  8. Reduce gadgets and only bring what you really need.
  9. Leave behind the toiletries that you don’t really need and only bring the necessities in the right sizes/containers.
  10. Maximize safety and security when you travel by preparing your personal data as you see fit.

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