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How to Avoid Jet Lag: Private Jet to the Rescue!

Have you ever been so excited for a trip, but by the time you arrive at your destination you feel like you have been zapped of your energy? 

You aren’t alone. Traveling is exhausting. And many times, jet lag is to blame — especially when traveling across time zones. 

Let’s take a closer look at what jet lag is and how to avoid jet lag with the help of a private jet

What is Jet Lag?

Your circadian rhythm keeps your body in sync, regulating your wake and sleep cycles. This is why you usually get tired around bedtime and feel more energized and awake in the morning. Your body gets used to the time zone you are in.

When you hop on a plane and change that time zone, it throws everything off balance. For instance, the current time may be 3 pm and your body may feel as though it is 10 pm — and you should be getting ready for bed. 

Jet lag doesn’t just impact your sleep, though. It can wreak havoc on so many areas within the body. A few common symptoms of jet lag include:

  • Headaches
  • Mood swings, including depressed moods
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Unable to sleep at night
  • Poor physical performance
  • Confusion or cognitive issues
  • Upset stomach and bloating
  • Dehydration
  • Skin issues

All of these can be very disruptive to your travels, causing you to not be able to make the most of your getaway — whether for work or fun. 

Avoid Jet Lag with a Private Jet

Since jet lag has the power to throw off your physical and mental well-being, it is so important to take steps to reduce it as much as possible. There are a few small steps you can take when traveling commercially in order to try and reduce the symptoms. But, one of the best ways to ensure you feel your best no matter what time zone you land in is to charter a private jet for your travels. Here’s why. 

Lower Cabin Pressure

Researchers speculate that cabin pressure has something to do with why exhaustion and travel seem to have such a strong connection. 

Breathing should come easy whether you are on the ground or in the air. But cabin pressure on a commercial flight can cause strain on your heart and lungs — making you tired without realizing why. 

On a private jet, the cabin pressure is lower. The result? Less work for your heart and lungs. 

Flexible Schedules

Having to get up and get to the airport for a 6 am departure means heading to the airport in the middle of the night if you are traveling via a commercial flight. This is a surefire way to kick off your travels by being tired. And that’s before jet lag even has a chance to kick in. 

Commercial flights are pre-planned and do not always give you ideal options. Private charters, on the other hand, do. You have the flexibility to choose when you would like to travel so that you can make the most of your trip — with your well-being in mind. 

Choosing travel times that will be least disruptive to your sleep patterns can yield the best results.

Comfort Amenities – Including a Bed

The luxurious amenities that come with private travel make it easy to get a good, quality snooze while in the air. Overstuffed chairs that recline just wrap you up in relaxation. It is not uncommon for a jet to have a comfortable bed for you to stretch out, snuggle, and get some sleep. 

Control Over Lighting

Because you are the passenger, you have control over lighting in a private jet. So, if you’d like to pull the shades and turn off the lights to get some restful sleep while the sun is still up, you can. Likewise, if it is dark outside, you can light up the interior of the jet to feel awake and alert. 

Having control over the lighting for the entire cabin increases your ability to keep your body in balance. 

Peaceful Surroundings

Private jet charters are private. Unless you bring them with you, no other passengers are trying to maintain their own space and disrupt yours. No one is talking or making unnecessary noise. And if you choose to get some sleep, you can let your guard down knowing that you are not surrounded by strangers. 

On a private jet, you have total control of the cabin space so that you can create a perfect, peaceful space that will benefit you.  

Staying Hydrated – And Nourished

Dehydration and stomach upset are common with jet lag. That means staying hydrated and fueling your body with good, healthy foods will help you fight it off. 

While some commercial jets will allow you to bring drinks and snacks with you, private jets make it easy by having everything you need onboard for you. Any special requests you have can be made when booking so that you have everything you need to feel your best when it is wheels up. 

Additional Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Finally, avoiding jet lag involves more than just your actual flight. A few additional steps you can take to minimize its impact include: 

  • Spend time outdoors to let your circadian rhythm adjust to the new time zone. 
  • Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages – and alcohol
  • If you are overly exhausted, take a quick nap to feel refreshed without disrupting nighttime sleep
  • Plan for jet lag – don’t hit the road running when you reach your destination

Book Your Private Charter

Believe it or not, by taking these steps, it is possible to travel across multiple time zones and still feel like yourself. So, the next time you need to book a flight, reduce your jet lag by chartering a private jet with The Early Air Way, based in Van Nuys. 

Whether traveling across the country or around the world, we can get you there in the most luxurious, comfortable, and private surroundings. 

Contact us today! And don’t forget to explore our jet hedging program and empty leg specials!

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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Are you heading out of town for the holidays? 

Many travelers take to the roads and the skies this time of year, taking advantage of the time off of work and school. Some visit family they don’t see throughout the year. Others like to visit places they have never seen — or spend time in those places they hold dear. 

Regardless of your reason for traveling, there is no doubt that millions of others will be joining you as they make their plans, too. 

During such a busy season, you want to stay safe as you get to and from your destination. Below are a few holiday travel safety tips to ensure you can fill your days with holiday cheer — without fear.

Choose Safe Places to Travel

Our world is constantly changing, including where you should and should not travel. It is always a good idea to look into your destination before you book your flight. This is most important for those who are traveling to international destinations

The  U.S. Department of State has a list that is constantly updated to keep you safe. Be sure to check this before you book your travel and again before you head out. It can give you location-specific information and also give you time to review the threats so that you stay informed. 

Take Notice of the Weather 

Winter weather always interferes with travel plans. Whether traveling to a frosty destination or leaving one, snow, ice, and winter winds can lead to delays and cancellations. 

Weather can change in an instant so it is always a good idea to stay on top of it. Not only will this help you to know what to expect, but it can also help you pack appropriately and maintain your safety along the way, too. 

Be Prepared for the Delays and Cancellations

If you are traveling on a commercial flight, be prepared for the aforementioned delays and cancellations. While it’s possible to make it through your entire holiday trip without ever having an issue with your flight, this would be the exception more so than the rule. 

You can never be entirely prepared for disruptions, but there are a few things you can do to make it a bit more manageable. 

  • Make sure you have everything booked in advance
  • Avoid the busiest airports
  • Bring things with you to keep you occupied – especially if you are traveling with kids
  • Keep all necessities in your carryon
  • Be sure to have some snacks as airport food isn’t always the healthiest
  • Have a backup plan

Watch Your Belongings

Keep your luggage and other personal items under a watchful eye at all times. Being around large crowds is a great place for things to go missing. 

As an added measure of safety, it is always a good idea to not put all your valuables – including money and credit cards — in one location. Instead, consider splitting these up in more than one spot, preferably on your person. 

Taking pictures of your driver’s license, credit cards, passport, and the like is always a good idea just in case they do go missing. And, if traveling internationally, always make sure someone back home has a copy of your passport and ID, as well as your travel itinerary just in case. 

Stay Connected

Staying connected may look different from one person to the next based on the type of traveling you are doing and who you are traveling with. For instance, turning on your location sharing can allow others to see where you are at any given time. This can be helpful to see whether you made it to your destination safely or are en route. It can also be helpful in case something happens and you need help. 

Group chats with those you are traveling with or with friends and family is an easy way to update everyone on your travel status without having to send a bunch of repeat texts to individual people. 

Never post your travel information or communicate with others about your travels on social media. 

Keep Your Health In Check

When you travel, you encounter large crowds and come in contact with a long list of illnesses. While you are always at risk of catching something, dealing with stress and a weakened immune system will increase your chance of getting more than just a getaway for the holidays. 

Take steps to keep yourself healthy. Below are a few ways you can do this: 

  • Take your vitamins, including Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D
  • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently
  • Eat well, bringing nutritious snacks with you
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stay hydrated
  • Reduce your stress as much as possible

And, if you want to significantly reduce your risk of airborne illnesses, wear a mask when in large groups. 

Travel Via a Private Jet Charter

Many holiday movies depict the stress and frustration of commercial air travel through the holiday season. And as exaggerated as many of these scenes may seem, they are quite accurate. 

Commercial air travel during the holidays can be a nightmare. Reduce your stress and give yourself a much more positive, safe experience with private travel. You can reduce your chance of having to deal with many of the above when you choose to book a charter flight instead. 

  • Comfortable, luxurious flight accommodations
  • Fly out of and into smaller private airports — and avoid the crowds
  • No long security lines
  • Straight-through flights with no connections
  • More flexibility when choosing flight times
  • No wasted time waiting around airports and losing out on your vacation fun
  • Reduced risk of coming in contact with germs and illness

What’s more, private jets can often travel when commercial airliners are grounded. That means you have a decreased chance of having your flight delayed or canceled. 


Kepp this helpful holiday travel safety tips in mind. And in all, private jet charters are the best way — and most stress-free way — to travel during the holiday season. 

Want to give it a try? The Early Air Way can help you find the right flight to meet your travel needs. Contact us today to get started!

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10 Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Whether for work, pleasure, or self-discovery, we’re seeing more women traveling alone. While traveling by yourself can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also come with challenges. Here are 10 tips to help women have safe, comfortable, and enjoyable solo trips.

In recent years, an increasing number of women have embarked on solo travel adventures, whether for work, pleasure, or self-discovery. While the experience can be incredibly rewarding, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges that may arise along the way. 

To ensure safe, comfortable, and enjoyable solo trips, we have compiled 10 valuable tips. From being aware of your surroundings to pre-planning your itinerary, carrying essential safety items, and connecting with local networks, these recommendations will empower you to make the most of your journey.

1. Be Conscious of Your Surroundings    

As a solo traveler, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Take note of who is around you and stay alert for any suspicious or potentially unsafe situations. Trust your instincts and remove yourself from any situation that feels off or dangerous. While most people you meet will be helpful and friendly, be cautious with sharing personal information, especially with strangers.  

2. Pre-Plan Your Trip Itinerary

Before departing, research your destination thoroughly and plan an itinerary with specific recommendations for restaurants, attractions, tours, and transportation. Having a rough schedule can help minimize uncertainty and anxiety while traveling alone. However, plan flexibly and leave room for serendipity and spontaneity.

3. Carry Safety Items    

Pack essential safety items, including:       

  • A mobile phone with an international SIM card or loaner phone  
  • Pepper spray
  • Personal alarm     
  • Travel-sized packet of tissues (for multiple purposes)       
  • Cycle tourer hat (to protect from the sun while providing some anonymity)   

4. Book Accommodations with Security Features       

When booking hotels or Airbnbs, look for properties with onsite security, key card locks, peepholes, and deadbolts to provide an added level of safety and peace of mind. Some hotels offer female-only floors or rooms, elevator access control, and 24-hour staffed reception areas.   

5. Seek Out Female-Friendly Tours and Activities

Particularly in destinations where solo female travelers may face additional scrutiny, book tours, activities, and transportation operated by female-owned companies or those that cater specifically to women.   

6. Connect with a Local Network       

Reach out to a local women’s network like SheTrips or Solotravelista in your destination city to connect with other female travelers and gain insider tips from locals. You may be able to join an organized group tour or activity with other women.  

7. Register with Your Embassy

Before departing, register your trip with your country’s embassy or consulate in the destination country. This makes it easier for officials to assist you in an emergency. Consider carrying contact info for your embassy in your wallet at all times while traveling.   

8. Take a Self-Defense Class

Prior to your trip, attend a women’s self-defense class to gain confidence, practice escape techniques, and learn helpful tips for staying safe while traveling alone. Many gyms and martial arts studios offer one-time courses for solo female travelers.

9. Have a Backup Plan    

Make a friend, family member, or coworker aware of your travel plans including your itinerary and accommodation details. Provide them with contact information for your hostel, hotel or Airbnb in case of emergency. Having a backup plan will offer extra peace of mind while traveling solo.

10. Charter a Private Jet    

When planning your next journey, why not consider indulging in the luxury of The Early Air Way? Chartering a private jet with them allows you to experience a truly exceptional solo trip, where your safety, security, and peace of mind are their top priorities. Say goodbye to the usual inconveniences of security lines, baggage claim hassles, and tiresome layovers. Instead, embrace a worry-free travel experience that lets you unwind and reach your destination feeling completely rejuvenated.

Women Traveling Alone Conclusion

With these 10 tips in mind, solo female travelers can embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing they have taken the necessary precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience. From being conscious of their surroundings to pre-planning their itinerary, carrying safety items, and connecting with local networks, these steps empower women to explore the world on their own terms. 

By considering the luxury of The Early Air Way for their travel needs, they can further enhance their journey with a worry-free and rejuvenating experience. So go ahead, hit the road alone and embrace the freedom, growth, and adventure that awaits. Happy travels!

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First Time Flying Tips: Trends to Know

Are you gearing up for your first time flying and feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety? You’re not alone. Flying can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be daunting for first timers. To help alleviate your concerns and ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable flight, we’ve put together a list of first time flying tips and trends to know.

From understanding the benefits of chartering a private jet to navigating through airports, these trending tips will help you feel prepared and confident for your first flight.

1. Embrace Private Jet Charters for a Personalized Experience

One of the most significant trends in air travel today is the increasing popularity of private jet charters. This option is not only for the rich and famous, but it’s also becoming more accessible for everyday travelers. Here are a few reasons why chartering a private jet is beneficial for first time flyers:

  • Flexibility: Private jet charters offer flexible departure times, allowing you to choose a flight that fits your schedule.
  • Less Stressful: Private terminals mean no long security lines or crowded boarding areas, ensuring a more relaxed experience.
  • Personalized Service: With a dedicated crew and customizable in-flight services, private jet charters cater to your specific needs and preferences.

By chartering a private jet for your first flight, you can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience that will make you want to fly again.

2. Pack Smart and Travel Light

Packing efficiently is crucial for a stress-free first time flying experience. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose the Right Luggage: Opt for a carry-on bag if possible to avoid checked baggage fees and potentially lost luggage.
  • Follow the 3-1-1 Rule: For your carry-on, liquids must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container, placed in a single, clear, quart-sized zip-top bag.
  • Pack Essentials: Include a change of clothes, travel documents, medications, and any valuable items in your carry-on bag.
  • Roll, Don’t Fold: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can save space and prevent wrinkles.

3. Dress Comfortably and Be Prepared for In-Flight Conditions

Comfort is key when it comes to flying, especially for first timers. Follow these tips to ensure a pleasant flight:

  • Dress in Layers: Airplane cabins can have fluctuating temperatures, so dress in layers to easily adjust to your comfort level.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: Opt for slip-on shoes that can be easily removed during security and while onboard.
  • Bring a Travel Pillow and Blanket: These items can help you catch some sleep or stay warm during your flight.

4. Overcome Flight Anxiety with Relaxation Techniques

First time flyers may experience some anxiety during their journey. Here are a few relaxation techniques to help you stay calm:

  • Deep Breathing: Practice slow, deep breaths to help lower your heart rate and reduce stress.
  • Visualization: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a calm, peaceful place.
  • Distraction: Bring along a book, listen to music, or watch a movie to take your mind off the flight.

Now that you’re equipped with these first time flying tips and trends, you’re ready to embark on your journey with confidence. Remember that chartering a private jet offers numerous advantages, especially for first time flyers. So, consider The Early Air Way for your next trip, and experience the luxury and convenience of private jet travel.


In conclusion, chartering a private jet is a great option for first time flyers, offering flexibility, less stress, and personalized service. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with airport procedures, packing smart and light, dressing comfortably, and utilizing relaxation techniques can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight experience.

The Early Air Way provides luxury and convenience for those looking to charter a private jet, making it the perfect choice for first time flyers.

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How Chartering a Private Jet Enhances the Stages of Travel

Most people have a love-hate relationship with air travel. Why? Because they love the fact that they can get to their destination anywhere in the world within a matter of hours – but, dealing with all that comes along with commercial air travel can lead to too much unwanted aggravation and headaches.

From the moment you decide on your destination to the moment you return back home, chartering a private jet enhances the stages of travel. 

Deciding on Your Destination

Picking your destination can come with some limits – especially if you don’t want to follow up a long flight with a long car ride. Unfortunately, when you fly commercially, many airports in remote locations cannot accommodate such large aircraft. 

Do you know what they can handle? Private jets. 

Making the decision to charter a private jet opens up your list of convenient destination spots. You can access small, private airports that will get you closer to where you are going – or allow you to reach places that may have otherwise not been possible. 

Booking Your Travel

When was the last time you booked a commercial flight? Did you go through the airline itself? Or work your way through one of the many travel sites? Did you scroll through the hundreds of flights available, some with super early departures or extra long layovers – maybe even more than one? 

Once you find the flight that works for you, you have to address whether or not you will be checking a bag, how many bags you have, and where you would like to sit. Based on what you choose, extra fees will be tacked on to the price of your ticket. 

You and hundreds of strangers are booking the same flight. 

Chartering a private jet is a much more pleasant experience. You can either grab a quote online or simply call the charter company. Once you know your destination and the number of people who are traveling with you, they can help you find the perfect private jet for your getaway – and give you a quote. 

You won’t have to worry about finding one that departs at a convenient time because you choose the departure time. The most comfortable seating as well as your luggage are all included so you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs. 

When booking your jet is an overall great experience, you know that the flight is going to be even better. 

Arriving at the Airport

When you fly on a commercial airliner, you are required to arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance for a domestic flight and three hours in advance for an international flight. Once there, overcrowded spaces, long lines, and a lot of waiting around await you. Doesn’t sound exciting at all, does it?

Now, let’s talk about the enhanced version of this story. You know, the one where you decide to charter a private jet. In this scenario, you don’t have to worry about any wasted time. Rather than showing up hours in advance, you only need to show up about 15 to 20 minutes ahead of departure. 

In many cases, these charter jets fly out of private airports which means they are much more accessible with easy parking, too. You will find no long lines to check in or to check baggage. You also won’t have to wait in a long line to get through TSA security checkpoints, either. This makes the experience so much easier. 

Depending on the FBO, you may find an enhanced experience inside. This includes comfortable lounges, drinks and refreshments, business centers, and more. In other words, if you are early for your flight – you can enjoy what the FBO has to offer. 

Running a little bit late? No big deal. Just call ahead and let the flight crew know that you need a few extra minutes. You are the passenger, so they won’t take off without you. 

In-Flight Experience

Have you ever tried to get comfortable and enjoy a movie, read a book, take a nap, get some work done, or talk to your travel mate while on a commercial airliner? If so, then you know it isn’t the most comfortable thing at all. And, when it comes to work, you are sure to be breaking some confidentiality rules along the way.

Truth is, commercial air travel is all about getting you to and from your destination – in the most efficient way for the airline. If they can take 2 more inches off your leg space and put in one more row of seats, they will! 

Your most enhanced in-flight experience is going to come from a private jet charter. 

You can do anything while on board a private jet and expect luxurious comfort and privacy. You won’t have to worry about disturbing others or encountering any intrusion while trying to have a conversation or get work done. 

What’s more, you can have access to catered meals, refreshments, inflight entertainment systems, and more. Feel like stretching out and napping before you reach your destination? Many jets have seating that can transform into a bed for your convenience and comfort. 

Arriving at Your Destination

Once you arrive at your destination, commercial travel means finding your way through the busy airport, waiting on the luggage that you hope didn’t get lost along the way, and then securing your own way to wherever you are going. 

A private jet charter lands and you have your luggage immediately – with no chance it could get lost. If needed, the concierge team can book ground transportation for you so that you can get to where it is you are going with ease. 

Chartering a Private Jet with The Early Airway

When you are ready to enhance the stages of travel, charter your jet with The Early Airway. Your personalized experience is sure to provide you with an enhanced travel experience from the moment you book your flight. With a large fleet to choose from, we know you will find just what you are looking for. 

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Types of Travelers, and Tips to Enhance Your Travel Experience

Traveling is a wonderful experience that can broaden your horizons, expose you to new cultures and ways of life, and help you grow as an individual. However, not all travelers are the same. Some seek adventure, others relaxation, and others cultural immersion. Regardless of what type of traveler you are, there are some universal tips that can help enhance your travel experience.

Types of Travelers

1. Adventure Seekers

For those who crave adrenaline-pumping activities, adventure travel is the way to go. These travelers are always looking for new and exciting ways to explore the world, whether it’s through rock climbing, bungee jumping, or whitewater rafting.

Tips: To enhance your adventure travel experience, make sure to research and prepare adequately for your chosen activity. Know your limits, and never take unnecessary risks. It’s also important to invest in quality gear and equipment, as this can greatly impact your safety and enjoyment.

2. Relaxation Seekers

On the other end of the spectrum, some travelers seek nothing more than a chance to unwind and de-stress. These travelers prefer lounging on the beach, indulging in spa treatments, and taking in scenic views.

Tips: To enhance your relaxation travel experience, choose a destination that caters to your interests. Research accommodations that offer the amenities you crave, such as a pool or hot tub, and schedule activities that promote relaxation, such as yoga or meditation.

3. Cultural Immersion Seekers

For those who want to learn about other cultures, cultural immersion travel is the way to go. These travelers seek authentic experiences that allow them to interact with locals, try new foods, and learn about the history and traditions of their destination.

Tips: To enhance your cultural immersion travel experience, immerse yourself in the local culture by trying local foods, attending festivals and events, and engaging with locals. Learning a few phrases in the local language can also go a long way in building connections and understanding.

4. Budget Travelers

Some travelers are on a tight budget and need to stretch their dollars as far as possible. These travelers prioritize cost-saving measures such as staying in hostels or budget hotels, using public transportation, and cooking their meals instead of eating out.

Tips: To enhance your budget travel experience, plan ahead and research deals and discounts, such as using reward points or signing up for travel credit cards. Be flexible with your travel dates and destinations to take advantage of the best deals. Also, consider alternative modes of transportation, such as carpooling or biking, to save on travel costs.

Tips to Enhance Your Travel Experience

Regardless of the type of traveler you are, there are some universal tips that can enhance your travel experience.

  • Research Your Destination

Before you travel, take the time to research your destination. Learn about the local culture, customs, and laws to ensure that you are respectful and avoid any cultural faux pas. Also, research local attractions, activities, and restaurants to make the most of your time and avoid tourist traps.

  • Pack Smart

Packing can be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. Make a packing list and prioritize essentials such as comfortable shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and any necessary medications. It’s also helpful to pack light to avoid extra baggage fees and to leave room for souvenirs.

  • Stay Connected

Staying connected while traveling can be a challenge, but it’s important to stay in touch with loved ones and to have access to emergency information. Consider purchasing a local SIM card or a portable Wi-Fi device to stay connected. Also, keep copies of important documents, such as your passport and travel insurance, in a secure location.

  • Be Open-Minded

Traveling can expose you to new experiences, people, and cultures. To make the most of your travel experience, be open-minded and willing to try new things. Be respectful of local customs and traditions, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

  • Embrace the Unexpected

Travel plans don’t always go as expected, but sometimes the unexpected can lead to the most memorable experiences. Embrace the unexpected, and don’t let setbacks ruin your trip. Be flexible, and have a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected.

  • Travel Responsibly

Traveling responsibly means being mindful of your impact on the environment, culture, and economy of your destination. Choose eco-friendly accommodations and activities, support local businesses, and be respectful of the environment and local communities.

  • Take Care of Yourself

Traveling can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Take care of yourself by staying hydrated, getting enough rest, and taking breaks when needed. Also, prioritize your safety by being aware of your surroundings and taking necessary precautions.

Why Rent a Private Jet

Renting a private jet can help in many ways.

Firstly, it offers a level of privacy and exclusivity that is not available on commercial flights. This means that travelers can avoid crowds, long lines, and the hustle and bustle of busy airports.

Secondly, renting a private jet provides flexibility in travel arrangements. Travelers can set their own schedules, choose their preferred airports, and modify their itinerary as needed. This means that private jet rental is especially useful for business travelers who need to get to their destination quickly and efficiently.

Finally, private jet rental offers a level of comfort and luxury that is unmatched by commercial flights. With a private jet, travelers can relax in spacious cabins with comfortable seating, enjoy gourmet meals, and receive personalized service from the flight crew.

Overall, renting a private jet through a high quality jet company can help make travel more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.


Whether you’re an adventure seeker, relaxation seeker, cultural immersion seeker, or budget traveler, there are universal tips that can enhance your travel experience. By researching your destination, packing smart, staying connected, being open-minded, embracing the unexpected, traveling responsibly, and taking care of yourself, you can make the most of your travel experience and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, pack your bags, and get ready to embark on your next adventure!

Travel Tips

How to Best Plan For a Group Vacation: Ideas and Tips

Traveling as a group can be fun and rewarding. Sharing new experiences with others can even create a bond with lasting memories between you. 

Being in charge of planning a group vacation? That’s a challenge. 

Group vacations require tedious organizing, ensuring that the plans accommodate each traveler and meet all needs. Every aspect of the trip must be detailed, from when you leave your current city until the moment you return, including the travel arrangements, boarding/dining arrangements, daily itinerary, etc. Of course, making sure you are still being democratic in the process is a must, too. 

If you have somehow landed yourself in the role of organizer for a big getaway, you may not know where to start. So, to help you out, we have put together some ideas and tips for planning a group vacation

Decide on a Destination – and a Budget

Before you can do anything, you need to know where you are going and how much money you have to spend. 

If your group already has a destination in mind, perfect. If not, you will have to come together and agree on where you want to go. There are a few ways to do this simply. For instance, you could come up with a list of a few places that everyone agrees on. Then, throw them all in a hat and pick out your surprise destination. Or, you could have each person pitch their favored destination and allow the group to vote. The votes determine the winner. 

A budget should be determined, as well, as this will play a role in your destination, too. A getaway from LA to Denver is going to be much less expensive than LA to Paris. So money needs to be discussed. 

Everyone in your group is going to have a different amount they are able – or willing – to spend for the vacation. So, talk this out and agree on a number that is safe for everyone and then stick to it. 

Book a Private Jet Charter

Once you know where you are going, you will want to book your air travel. One thing to consider is booking a private jet charter. 

Yes, this option is going to be more costly as a whole than commercial air travel. However, when the cost is split amongst everyone in your group – and luggage and seat fees are considered – you may just be surprised at how cost-effective of an option it can be. 

What’s more, you will be able to choose your travel times and avoid layovers, as well as delayed or canceled flights. This will be a huge time-saver, giving you more time at your destination. 

On a private jet, there will also be comfortable seating, luxurious amenities, ease of access (thanks to smaller, less-busy airports), and pure convenience. Changing names, removing/adding passengers, and so forth are very simple to do without requiring any change fees.

Using a private jet charter just makes it easier to keep track of your group when traveling together – without the chaos of a busy airport. 

Look For Deals

Deals can often be found if you look close enough or know who to talk to. Booking a hotel that provides breakfast will save your group from having to buy that one additional meal each day. Buying tickets in advance as a group rate for shows, museums, galleries, and other adventures can be more cost-effective than buying them on the day of your visit. Even booking a private jet charter could save you money when the cost is split amongst everyone in the group – rather than purchasing regular airline tickets. 

The more deals you can find, the farther you can stretch the budget and enjoy more experiences. 

Ask For Needs or Requests in Advance

Before you start planning, ask about any special needs or requests in advance. Even if you are traveling with close friends, it is always a good idea to just ask. By doing this before you start planning, you can make sure that you accommodate these things – without having to go back and make adjustments. Plus, it allows everyone in your party to fully have a good time since they will have everything they need. 

What special needs are we referring to? It can vary from person to person, but finding restaurants that cater to certain dietary restrictions, accessibility needs in a hotel, and so forth are a few examples. 

Make Reservations in Advance

Although you don’t want to monopolize all the time as a group, you will want to make some reservations in advance. This includes both dining reservations as well as certain attractions you’d like to visit. 

While this would not ordinarily be such a big deal, reservations are definitely something that needs to be utilized when traveling with a group. After all, getting into a restaurant for dinner with 2 people is a lot easier than finding room for 12. 

Be proactive. Discuss certain places that the group would like to check out and then book reservations where you can. Even if you choose to go elsewhere – at least you have something reserved just in case. 

Plan Some Down Time

You may get on a roll when planning for your vacation – and it can be tempting to want to plan every moment. The problem is that keeping everyone together at all times on a tight schedule can lead to some frustrations and tensions. People, by nature, need some alone time to be able to better enjoy togetherness. 

Consider leaving a few chunks of time up in the air for everyone to do things they want to do at your destination. And if everyone still sticks together, great. But if not – that’s ok, too. 

Ready, Set, Group Vacation Travel

Being the organizer of a group vacation can be a very tough position to be in. Trying to get a group of people to and from a destination as well as keeping them happy and entertained while they are there can be a chore. But it is possible – especially when you use some of this advice. 

And, let’s not forget, booking a private jet charter can take a lot of your headaches away from the very start. 

Travel Tips

Budget Travel Tips Currently Trending

Are you planning your next vacation and looking to save some money? Determining where to go is often the biggest question but finding ways to save money is another top priority. Many people are looking for the best ways to save money on their next vacation, and the top trending budget travel tips can be the best place to look. It has long been assumed that you must be wealthy to travel consistently. How else can you afford to visit destination after destination worldwide? 

Top Budget Travel Tips

Believe it or not, there are affordable ways for everyone to visit new destinations – and it all starts with these budget travel tips that are trending right now. 

Travel During Off-Season

One of the easiest things you can do is pay attention when visiting your chosen destination. You can go anywhere you want, any time of the year. But, if you are looking for affordable times to visit, off-season travel is the way to go. 

When it is considered the season in a popular destination, the demand is up – and so are the prices. Air travel, hotel reservations, and everything throughout the city will typically be considerably more expensive. This is often when most of these destination hotspots make the bulk of their money for the year. 

Choose to travel in the off-season when demand is far less. You will have greater access to reasonable air travel and hotel accommodations. Deals for dining and various forms of entertainment will be plentiful to entice visitors. Not to mention how much more pleasant your visit will be without heavy crowds.  

Fly Private With Empty Leg Flights

When you want to head out on a budget-travel adventure, there is a good chance that flying on a private jet charter would never cross your mind. So, it is a good thing you are here. A very affordable way to get yourself – and those traveling with you – from point A to point B is to seek out an empty-leg flight on a private jet charter

What is it? When someone charters a jet one way, that jet will often have to make its way back to its home base without any passengers on board. This is the empty-leg flight. Because it is traveling, whether it has a booking or not, it can take you along for a much more affordable rate. 

Taking advantage of empty-leg travel can be your best option for those looking to save some money and still travel in a private, luxuriously comfortable manner. 

Moreover, you can save money by avoiding baggage fees (you don’t have to worry about keeping your suitcase under a certain weight, size, or number). And you also get to arrive closer to your destination – which can cut down on additional transportation fees. 

Flying private is more affordable, convenient, and flexible than you think. It is something to consider if you are seeking budget travel tips. 

Research Your Destination

When you arrive in cities, there are many things to do that are geared toward tourists. These tend to be more expensive – especially since this is how many destinations make up their highest income. Doing some research on your destination before you go can help you find things that are less expensive than you find on a whim. 

By taking the time to search out your destination diligently, you will find that there are many things to do that do not cost you as much. And you may even be surprised that they are more enjoyable, too. Sometimes getting into the local culture, you will enjoy a more rich experience. 

It does not matter whether you travel during peak seasons or off-season – avoid the costly tourist traps if you are looking for budget travel fun. 

Budget Travel Tips: Self-Guided Tours

Speaking of doing your research, why not create your excursions? When visiting some destinations, people spend a lot of money on tours. After all, they want to see the sights, and it is not uncommon to think this is the only option. But it isn’t. 

Dig deep enough, and you will discover that many places have self-guided tours through some of the most magnificent places. Not only do you get to save money, but you also get to enjoy these views and experiences at your own pace – which can make them so much more memorable. 

Watch What You Eat

Food is one of the most significant expenses that come with traveling and a great opportunity for cutting costs. You factor in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as any drinks and snacks throughout the day, and your bill can be pretty high – especially if you are traveling with a family. 

A few options to help curb this spending are: 

  • Stay at a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast. This can help more than you think.
  • Buy a few items for your hotel room. This may be simple, like making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruits, nuts, and other snacks. 
  • Pack your lunch when you head out for the day – or at least carry snacks. 
  • Bring a refillable water bottle to avoid buying drinks.

Save your food splurges for one meal a day. And, always choose your dining selection wisely, so you make that expenditure worthwhile. Don’t just splurge for ordinary food – make it the best. 

Consider Walking

When booking your hotel reservations, find one that is easily accessible. There may be a few exceptions, but you should be able to take advantage of your feet – and walk. This not only allows you to save money on public transportation and other fees, but it also gives you a chance to see things you otherwise may have missed. If you see something that catches your eye, you can stop and check it out. And, let’s not overlook the steps you will get in for the day. 

Budget Travel Tips Takeaways

Fees can add up, depending on your location and transportation mode. So, consider walking. The next time you get the urge to travel and see the world, book a private jet, travel during the off-season, pack your lunch, create your excursions, and have an unforgettable time. 

Travel Tips

6 Safety Tips If You’re Planning to Solo Travel

Prioritizing safety is always important when it comes to traveling. But it’s even more important when you plan to solo travel. If this is you, here are helpful safety tips to keep in mind.

Travel is invigorating, exciting, and endlessly inspiring. Seeing the world and understanding how alike we all are at the base level is a life-changing experience. While, in general, traveling is no more dangerous than day-to-day life in your hometown, there are additional safety factors to take into account for solo travel.

Solo travel is one of the most self-indulgent experiences you can do. You get to make all the decisions; eat when and where you want, sleep in or get up early, hit a museum or spend all day lounging on the beach drinking pina colada’s. The choice is yours.

But solo travel is also not for the faint of heart. It can be intimidating to eat alone or need to step outside your comfort zone to initiate a conversation with strangers. However, the rewards are great. Solo travel brings a very special sense of self-awareness that few ever know.

Here are a few great tips on traveling safely out on your own.

1. Arrange Transport to Your Lodging Ahead of Time

Some of the biggest scams involve unseemly behavior where travelers congregate. Airport and bus station arrivals and departures are a prime focus for thieves wishing to have you part with your money. It can be incredibly stressful and confusing to arrive in a new town or country and be unsure where you need to go in order to obtain authorized transportation to your hotel or hostel.

By arranging your transportation ahead of time, you can know that the beginning of your time in a new spot will go smoothly. Often your hotel, hostel or Airbnb can even make these arrangements for you guaranteeing you’ll be picked up promptly. If for some reason you find yourself without pre-arranged transport, keep your wits about you and ask a uniformed attendant at the desk how to proceed.

2. Look Like You Live There

In the past, travel advice tended to lean toward “blending in” and looking like a local but let’s be honest. The world is a big place and you are simply not going to look like the locals in most of it. Our best advice, instead, is to look like you live there. Ex-pats live all around the world and even though you may not know where you are going by looking as if you do, you can deter many a thief or someone suspecting easy prey.

Walk with a purpose and carry a day bag that isn’t new and doesn’t scream money. It’s preferable to carry bags that are rather used in appearance with no discernible brand labels. Stay off your phone and focus on your surroundings and those around you, not as a means to assume the worst, but simply to keep apprised of action on the street.

3. Put Away the Maps in Public

On the same note, never pull out your map in public. It is essential to check it out thoroughly before you head out and get a general feel for where you’re heading. If the distance is long, it’s most likely necessary to refer back to it but never do so on the street. This screams lost tourist and is a beacon for thieves.

The simple act of appearing confident and looking like you know where you’re going is huge when it comes to exploring safely, especially for solo travel. Take the time to do a bit of research ahead of time. Make sure you have a plan. Certainly, you may need to pop into a local restaurant or coffee shop to get your reference points straight once you’ve hit the streets, but having a bit of an idea ahead of time of how many blocks to walk before your turn, what major landmarks you might be passing, and so on all come into play to not appearing as a naive tourist.

4. Trust Your Instincts

Never discount your own personal Spidey sense. If something or someone just doesn’t feel right, the situation is most likely bad. A natural sense of caution is warranted in some cases and if you feel the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck, know it is for a reason.

Solo travel does involve a certain amount of risk, as does all traveling, and placing your trust in total strangers is an everyday occurrence and in general, works out great. Just be willing to trust your instincts, even at the risk of insulting someone. Better to be safe than sorry.

5. Protect Your I.D

A great tip for all travelers is to protect your I.D. One excellent start is to scan your passport, credit cards, travel insurance, and all other travel documents. Then, email them to yourself as well as a friend or family member. If you lose any of them or get robbed, it is much easier to replace the information if you have a copy of it.

In addition, wear a money belt or use your hotel safe. Make sure to only travel with a day’s expenses when out and about sightseeing. If the worst happens and you get mugged on the subway, it is a comfort to know that your passport, credit cards, and other cash are safe and sound.

6. Have Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is key. Not only does it protect your health and well-being, but it generally also covers your possessions. There are a lot of plans out there so take the time to really read through the coverage. Take careful note of what they consider as valid and invalid activities. Some insurers are very stringent and consider walking a dangerous activity. Others cover nearly everything outside true adventure sports such as skydiving.

Destinations for Solo Travel

Traveling by yourself is the “in” thing to do now that people have discovered just how enjoyable and liberating it is to explore a new place how they would like to rather than settle for what the rest of the family or their significant other wants to do.

These are a few of the best destinations for solo travelers like yourself. Yet, before jetting off, check all around safety precautions and protocols.


Located in Iceland, Reykjavik is a great place for travelers who enjoy outdoor activities no matter how many are in the party. You will want to stay in the capital for easy access to any area of the country and for several activity options. Be sure to stop by The Laundromat Café to meet the locals, do your laundry, enjoy coffee, and chat with fellow travelers.


While it might seem a trite cliché, visiting Paris is a truly great destination for solo travelers. The eats are just as delicious as the sights along the Chaps-Elysees. Be sure you make time to stop by the Deux Magots and Café de Flore, which are two popular spots for solo travelers. If you are worried about safety, Paris has often been regarded as a relatively safe European spot, but you will want to use caution no matter who you are or where you go.


Indonesia’s Bali is ideal for travelers looking to get away in a destination rooted in spirituality, yoga, beaches, healthy dining spots, and affordable living. To get the full Bali experience while enjoying food and meeting with other travelers, be sure to spend a few nights at Family Guesthouse in Ubud.


Bangkok is found in Thailand and is a prime spot for viewing gorgeous temples, affordable shopping, markets floating along the water, and a vibrant nightlife. If you are in the mood to meet with a younger crowd, hostels and bars, head for Khao San Road. In any case, you are sure to meet someone new while in Bangkok.


To truly take your solo trip to the next level, why not charter your very own jet to these exotic destinations? Spending several hours in a cramped plane is not an ideal way to start your vacation for one. And more so, not as safe during this pandemic.

At the end of the day, solo travel is a worthwhile endeavor. By following a few simple safety rules, you can plan on the adventure of a lifetime.

Travel Tips

8 Important Tips for Traveling Alone

If you’re interested in taking time for yourself and wanting to take a solo getaway, then preparation is key. Create an unforgettable trip by following these 8 important tips for traveling alone.

With all of the changes in our lives that have been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, those with adventurous spirits are getting the itch to travel. Things seem to be getting a bit safer for those who are ready to get out there and explore. But not everyone is ready.

Should you just sit home and wait for your best friend or significant other to decide it is time to get back out there? Or, should you just go alone?

Traveling alone can be an exhilarating, self-indulgent, unforgettable life-changing experience. Not to mention the ability to social distance that comes with this solo travel. What a great way to fulfill the CDC requirements, right?

Of course, there are always a few things you should keep in mind while traveling alone. And, we’ve got the most important tips listed below.

So, read up – then pack your bags and book your private charter. It is time, once again, to travel.

1. Choose a Safe Destination

While we’d all like to think that all destinations on the globe are safe enough to visit, that’s just not the case. And, when you are opting to travel alone, you have to be a bit more selective of your destination. Before booking, do your research to determine destinations that are safe to visit and take a deeper look into any restrictions, concerns, or potential threats that may be found there.

Does this mean you should not go? Well, only you can decide that. But, let’s just say that the more familiar you are with a destination, the safer you will be – especially when traveling alone. Knowledge is power when it comes to solo travel. So, don’t let fear hold you back from collecting some amazing experiences. Instead, educate yourself on the destination – and pack your bag!

2. Be Careful

By all means – go on a solo vacation. Just be careful. Make sure you tell someone where you are going before you go. Give specific dates and times, especially if you are traveling to more than one city. Consider using mobile phone apps like Find My Friends or Life360, which will allow a trusted friend or family member to track you as you travel – just in case. Leave a copy of your itinerary, passport, and other important information with someone back home.

Taking a few extra steps can help protect you if something happens while you are away. It may seem unnecessary, but it could turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

3. Choose to Do What Suits You

The thing about traveling with others is that you have to have a variety of activities on the itinerary because you are trying to meet the likes, desires, and interests of all people in your party. Though, when you are traveling alone, you get to do only those things that interest you. If you want to go to Italy to indulge in cuisine without stepping foot in a museum – then do it! If you want to travel to South American to hike through the rainforest, then do it!

Traveling alone means there is nobody to argue with your itinerary. Do what suits you – and ignore the rest.

4. Get to Know the Locals

This tip applies to any travel you do, whether alone or with others. But, while traveling solo, you will likely find that you have more time to get involved in the local culture. You may even find that you can form a lifelong bond with a local!

How else can you truly get to know a destination than by spending time with those who live there?

5. Make Maximum Use of Daylight

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t go out after dark, but it is much safer to sightsee and explore new places during daylight hours. You will find that you get more out of your solo vacation if you get going early. In cities that are hot tourist stops, you will find that getting out early allows you the chance to beat the crowds, too.

6. Take the Pictures

As you go through your days, be sure to take lots of pictures. Remember, you are going to create memories for yourself, but your pictures will allow you to share your trip with others back home. Also, keep in mind that this is a momentous occasion – your first solo trip – you should have a record of it.

7. Indulge in Private Jet Travel

In light of COVID-19 and the risks that come with commercial air travel, as well as the excitement of taking a leap and opting for solo travel, consider booking your trip via a private jet. It’s a more flexible way to travel, it has increased safety, and it can get you where you need to be privately and securely.

There are many benefits to flying private – even more so now thanks to the pandemic. Don’t rule out this option.

8. Have Confidence

There used to be a stigma attached to those who did things solo, such as go to the movies, dine out, and travel. As our culture has matured a bit and has learned to embrace their strengths and self-empowerment, the stigma has long disappeared.

Many people dream of traveling alone. They have bucket lists of the places they would visit and the things that they would do. Why? Because it gives them a chance to indulge themselves. It is a chance to be selfish – and it’s okay to do so. These adventurists don’t have to worry about anyone else traveling with them – and just do what they want to do. Period.

Anyone can create a lifetime worth of memories traveling alone – as long as they have the confidence to take the first step. The world is out there waiting for you, will you have enough confidence to explore it?


Traveling alone can be scary and exciting. These tips can help ensure that you remain safe while enjoying everything you set out to do. So, allow yourself to indulge in private travel, choose a safe destination, get to know the locals, and do what you want to do. After all, this is your solo trip!

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