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How Private Jet Flights Excel in Providing Quality Transportation

How Private Jet Flights Excel in Providing Quality Transportation - The Early Air Way

Even though there are many different modes of travel, sometimes air travel is a must due to time constraints, destination, and preference. However, it is important to note that not all air travel is created equal. 

You have a choice when it comes to how you fly. 

Private travel has been growing in popularity amongst all types of travelers—and for good reason. After all, private jet flights excel in providing quality transportation. 

Here’s how they do it. 

Types of Private Jets

Private jets come in different sizes depending on what you need. For instance, you will want to take into consideration how many seats are on the private jet and how many people you have traveling with you. Distance also plays a role as some jets are designed to travel further than others without having to stop to refuel. 

Below are the most common types of private jets available: 

Each will offer a different high-quality travel experience. Get to know these types of private jets and what they can do for you. And be sure to discuss your options with your private jet charter company. 

Benefits of Flying on a Private Jet

If your interest has been piqued by the upswing in private travel, then you may find yourself facing a dilemma when it is time to book your next flight. Do you book your regular ol’ commercial flight? Or, do you experience all that a private jet has to offer you? 

There are many benefits that come with flying private.

Save Time 

If you have ever flown commercial, then you know just how much time is wasted in the airport. You have to arrive at least 2 hours in advance to be able to make it through check-in, TSA security, and onto the aircraft. Though, a lot of this time is spent sitting around the airport waiting. Delayed flights, missed connections, and canceled flights can all leave passengers feeling stranded. 

With private travel, you can save so much time. You arrive about 15 – 20 minutes prior to takeoff and that is about all you need before boarding your jet. And you won’t have to worry about delays, cancellations, or layovers, either.

Flying on a private jet is truly a time-saving travel experience. 


When you fly private, you have all the privacy you could want—unlike commercial travel. You are able to handle business, sleep peacefully, and have open conversations without fearing someone else is invading your privacy. 

This puts you at ease. 

Comfortable and Luxurious Interior

Once inside your private jet, you will immediately realize that it is not your ordinary commercial plane. You will not find row after row of compact seating. Rather, you will experience roomy, comfortable seating that your body will just want to melt into. 

Personal space is given so that everyone can have legroom and the freedom to move about with ease. 

Each private jet is decked out differently, but they all have one thing in common: the goal of providing comfort and luxury to travelers. 


Stress skyrockets with commercial travel. Everything is completely out of your control – and you are at the mercy of the airlines. Overcrowded airports and airliners can further put a strain on the experience. 

Quality transportation comes from private jets that provide you with stress-free, relaxed travel. You can choose your travel times, show up a few minutes beforehand, and pick any luxurious seat you want once on board. 

Pets are Welcome

Your furry friend is one of the family. So, placing him in the cargo with the luggage is just not an option. Yet, that’s what often happens if you choose to travel on a commercial airliner. 

On private jets, things are different. You are able to bring your dog into the cabin of the jet with you – without having to remain in a cage or under the seat. He can sit right there next to you and enjoy the flight. 

Looking Inside a Private Jet 

The interior of a private jet varies. They have different layouts and a different amount of space based on their size. You will find comfortable seating, couches, tables, and plush carpeting. Many jets have the capability of providing beds, too. 

Inside a private jet, you may have a lavatory – or two. And a galley that can be equipped with everything from a coffee maker and microwave to a range and refrigerator. It all depends on the type of jet. 

When it comes to amenities, your private jet will not let you down. You will find inflight entertainment that includes TVs, WiFi, charging capabilities for your devices, and so much more. 

Refreshments – and optional catering – are also found on board your private jet so that you may enjoy them while traveling. 

Something specific that you would like on your flight? Just ask when you book your charter. 

The Convenience of Private Travel

Private jet flights come with flexibility and convenience. You are able to customize your flight from the very moment you book. You have the freedom to decide: 

  • What type of jet you would like to charter. 
  • The time you would like to depart. 
  • If there are any personalizations you would like on board. 
  • Which airport you would like to travel to. 

The best part is that if you are running late or get held up in traffic, you don’t have to fret. Instead, just call the charter company and let them know. Since you are the passenger, they are not going to leave without you. 

Get the Private Jet Experience at The Early Air Way

Are you ready to see for yourself just how private jet flights excel in providing quality transportation? If so, then The Early Air Way can help. We have a large fleet of charter aircraft just waiting to give you a travel experience unlike any other. 

Contact us today to book your next flight!

How Private Jet Flights Excel in Providing Quality Transportation - EA