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Private Aviation for Chocolates

Private Aviation for Chocolates | The Early Air Way

Is chocolate more important than life itself to you? Maybe a quick trip over to Boucan by Hotel Chocolat for some much needed quality chocoholic relaxation is just what the doctor ordered.

Boucan was dreamed up to create an experience for guests to enjoy the first-ever single-origin chocolate. Activities available including walking through the groves, selecting and grinding the pods to be used, and of course sampling the batches of chocolate. Boucan also features chocolate based lotions, oils, scrubs, and wraps for skincare.

If an urban escape is more your style than Boucan’s groveside hotel, Cocoa Cottage near Roseau focuses more on foraging with treehouse style lodging, and practical cuisine. Locally grown organic ingredients make up the dishes and drinks, and of course their own on site chocolate productions are infused into the tea, confections, and oils.

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