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Preparing For Baby's First Flight

Preparing For Baby's First Flight | The Early Air Way's BlogEmbarking on a family vacation can be a challenge for parents who are seasoned veterans- let alone for new parents. With so many aspects to consider, flying with baby might be an overwhelming idea for you. Making your first flight with your little one a breeze comes down to good planning and just a bit of luck. Consider buying your baby his own seat- while it may be tempting to have him sit in your lap, it may not make for the easiest flight. You might also want to consider traveling with the baby seat, and even bringing it on the plane if you do get a separate seat for him. Be sure to check that your baby seat is airplane-friendly if you choose to bring it on board. Stick with a small and manageable stroller, bring plenty of supplies in your carry-on, and keep baby entertained with both new and old toys.

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