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Planning Your Luxury Vacation

Planning Your Luxury Vacation | The Early Air Way's BlogRelaxing on the beach. Touring an exotic land. Exploring verdant valleys. Whether you are traveling for a romantic getaway, seeking an adventure, or wanting a cultural encounter, a luxury vacation means indulging your senses.

As you begin to plan, consider not only where you want to go, but what you want to experience.  Are you looking for high adventure? Do you want sandy beaches and sunsets? Consult with a travel agent who has experience in lavish destinations. They travel often themselves to become familiar with lodging and sights and can recommend first-class accommodations.

Next, set the tone for your excursion by reserving a private charter jet. With more cabin room and fine dining options, you will immediately feel comfortable and stress free. Book your flight with a charter company directly. They can match you up with the type of airplane you prefer based on the number of passengers.

So, where will it be? If you are looking for relaxation in the tropics, try the isles of the Caribbean Sea, where you will experience balmy 79-degree days and ocean breezes. In destinations like Aruba, Belize and Antigua, you will find resorts with cottages right on the beach, so you can slip out for an early morning swim before a catered breakfast. Then, head out for some scuba diving or para-sailing. End the day with fine dining in one of the many on-site restaurants.

If you are more inclined to cultural experiences, consider more exotic locales in Asia. In Thailand, for instance, you can take a safari tour or shop at the floating markets along the Bangkok river countryside. Beijing hosts festivals throughout the year, which you can investigate while taking in the Great Wall of China.

To make the most of your getaway, treat yourself to the comfort you deserve. Enjoy an easy flight, learn about the best places to stay, eat and see. When you take time to experience the finer side of life, you will return refreshed and renewed.

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