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Planning Your Luxury Vacation

Do you know what creates a luxury vacation? First and foremost, it’s about feeling completely relaxed and comfortable. Read below for more details and how you can best plan.

Planning Your Luxury Vacation - The Early Air Way

Relaxing on the beach. Touring an exotic land. Exploring verdant valleys. Whether you are traveling for a romantic getaway, seeking an adventure, or wanting a cultural encounter, a luxury vacation means indulging your senses.

It is always interesting to keep up on the latest trends. While the desired luxury traveling experience varies from person to person, a new trend that many are looking to is that of an unplugged escape. Taking a luxurious vacation without the distractions of everyday technology can provide the silence, quietude, and private contemplation that many desire.

If you could use a break from the norm, there are many opportunities available. Below is a guide to help you plan for a luxury vacation.

Finding the Destination

As you begin to plan, consider not only where you want to go, but what you want to experience.

      • Are you looking for high adventure?
      • Do you want sandy beaches and sunsets?

Consult with a travel agent who has experience in lavish destinations. They travel often themselves to become familiar with lodging and sights, and can recommend first-class accommodations.

So, where will it be? If you are looking for relaxation in the tropics, try the isles of the Caribbean Sea. Here, you will experience balmy 79-degree days and ocean breezes. In destinations like Aruba, Belize and Antigua, you will find resorts with cottages right on the beach, so you can slip out for an early morning swim before a catered breakfast. Then, head out for some scuba diving or para-sailing.

To make the most of your getaway, treat yourself to the comfort you deserve. Learn about the best places to stay, eat and see. When you take time to experience the finer side of life, you will return refreshed and renewed.

Fly in Luxury

Just because you are choosing air travel doesn’t necessarily mean you will be treated perfectly and enjoy luxury travel. Only some companies are capable of providing the kind of luxury that is truly relaxing and of the highest quality. Flying privately offers all of the benefits that many people seek in a truly luxurious transport experience.

When someone wants to travel anywhere on a traditional airplane, they must stand in long lines for luggage inspection and cope with frequent flight delays. In many cases, the airplane has tiny seats for passengers and is not sanitary. There are few amenities such as tasty food and glasses of wine on a traditional flight, but on a private jet charter, the staff offers top-of-the-line services.

Below is what you should expect.

Individualized Attention

Many commercial airliners are tasked with providing transportation to the masses. This often means sacrificing quality customer service that is crucial to provide a positive experience. On the other hand, flying private means you are receiving individualized attention that is customized to meet your needs. This kind of customer service is just what you need to transform ordinary to luxury.

Planning Your Luxury Vacation - The Early Air Way

Luxury travel by private jet is suitable for short trips for corporate clients to attend a business meeting or for engaged couples to travel to an exotic location for a wedding. A private jet tour package is customized to meet the client’s expectations, and each employee on the flight provides personalized service. Instead of sitting on dirty upholstery in tiny seats, passengers are provided with wide chairs that recline easily. During a flight, a passenger can consume a delicious meal and beverage rather than food that tastes terrible.

Efficient Transport

If someone wants to travel to a particular destination on a certain day and time, they may not be able to find a commercial flight. So instead of needing to travel according to a commercial carrier’s flight plans, a passenger can create their own schedule. A private jet pilot and staff members will make all of the arrangements for takeoff and landing sites. If someone wants to remain at a destination for a longer time, then it is simple to inform the pilot who makes the flight plan adjustments.

Alternatively, instead of taking a direct flight from one airport to another, a traveler might need to take multiple connecting flights, taking longer to reach a destination and making the trip unpleasant. With a private jet charter, the pilot arranges a flight from one location to another without any stopovers unless fuel is required.

Furthermore, there is nothing like receiving news of a delay or a layover that will only prolong the traveling process. This is especially monotonous when you have a business schedule to adhere to or simply want to arrive at your vacation destination as quickly as possible. Private flying provides a heightened level of efficiency to get you from Point A to Point B quickly and safely.

First Class Amenities

Every passenger should be treated with first class service. Private flying means access to all of the first class amenities that make traveling luxurious and memorable. If you want to be treated with the highest level of quality service, utilizing the services of a professional charter is your only option.


Traveling can be a monotonous ordeal filled with unmet promises, delays, and less-than satisfactory traveling arrangements. Or it can be a memorable experience filled with relaxation, quality service, and efficient transport.

With that said, anyone looking into luxury travel should consider hiring a private jet service. Air travel can definitely be luxurious as long as you know where to go when the time comes to fly. Flying private on a private jet offers passengers individualized attention, efficient transport, and first class amenities to make any trip one to remember.

Planning Your Luxury Vacation - The Early Air Way