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Personalized Service Increasingly Important

Personalized Service Increasingly Important | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

At a premier luxury show, Claire Bennett, the VP of American Express discussed a recent survey conducted by AmEx about high-touch service and how people use technology to book their travel accommodations.

Surprisingly,”while the survey revealed that 90% of millennials use their desktop to book travel, they start their search using a mobile device.”

35% of Millennials also said they would travel more if personalized service was available.

Since technology as become such a big part of our daily lives people are looking for that human, personalized touch while away.

During the Paris terrorist attacks, AmEx contacted it’s customers that were in the area to see if they were ok and if AmEx could help them in anyway.

Those kind of gestures are going to mean everything to customers in the future, especially travelers who may be on their own and in a foreign country.

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